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Sorry another question. I keep geting lethargic and very heavy headed. Like altitude sickness without the vomiting. I was curious i I might be anaemic. I was v anaemic when I had my son 2 yrs ago.

Have just looked at most recent tests.

Haemoglobin 13.6

Haematocrit 0.436

Red bood count 4.82

My gp didnt test ferritin or iron

My previous test in aug last year was

Haematocrit 0.411

Haemoglobin estimation 13.9

Serum ferritin 46

Could I be anemaic and that is why I get days where I cant function

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It would really help people to answer your question with a certain amount or accuracy if you could supply the ranges with your test results as every lab has slightly different ranges.

Have you had your VitD or B12 checked lately as these can cause the type of symptoms you are discribing.

Moggie x


Ahhh sorry. Here goes

Heamatocrit 0.36 to 0.46

Haemoglobin 11.5 to 16.0

Red blood count 4.00 to 5.20



Your ferritin levels are to low and should be above 70 and ideally around 90. Ferritin is an iron test which seems to back up your claim of low iron. What about your B12 and VitD?

Moggie x



Never been tested. Its hard enought gettibg my thyroid tested lol.

I have ordered some private tests through genola for thyroid and adrnals. I am waiting for them to come.

Think I may book a phone call with my gp to ask about iron and vit blood tests.

I take spatone everyday but I know that is gentle. When I took iron from gp teo years ago I had to stop as I felt quite ill with ig.

Thankyou for your help x


Sorry it has taken so long for me to answer you but I missed your reply. If you use the "reply to this" in blue under someone's name they get an email to say you have answered them - it stops people missing replies.

Yes I would definately make that phone call and get your Vitd and B12 checked - I know what you mean about GP's being reluctant to spend money and do tests. Often it is incompetent and sometimes it borders on the criminal - criminal that they put money before patients health.

Moggie x


Thanks Moggie and I never realised abou the reply thingy.



Your welcome - and let us know the outcome wont you.

Moggie x


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