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CONTINUES, Blood glucose 5.6mmol/ Nucleated red blood cell count 0 10*9/l Basophil count 0 10*9/l Eosinophil count 0.3 10*9/l Monocyte

0.07 10*9/l Lymphocyte count 2.3 10.9*/l Neutrophil count 3.7 10*9/l Platelet count 261 10*9/l Mean corpusc.haemoglobin (MCH) 31.1pg Mean corpuscular volume(MCV) 95.6 fl Packed cell volume 40.8 Haemoglobin estimation 13.3 g/dl Red blood cell count 4.27 10*12/l Total white cell count 7 10*9/l Serum total bilirubin level 5 umol/l ALT/SGPT serum level 17 u/l Original result 17u/l (0-31* Total alkaline phosphatase 82u/l Original result 82u/l(30-130) Serum albumin 44g/l Serum protein profile 71g/l AMEN

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Hi The outstanding thing is the Glucose, have you had a Hb1Ac blood test? You need one. Glucose above range is diabetes and needs treatment. The Diabetic diet, which is not how you would expect, see Diabetes Uk and the American equivalent . You will probably need a small dose of a drug, various choices. It is so important for it not to go higher, it will without action.The LFT`s ( liver function ) which are bilirubin to end are fine that is most important..The others as, you can see are out. Normally unless a lot more out they are ignored! Retested in about 6 months. However, I would discuss them with the GP, especially the glucose. You also need a U`s and E`s ,kidney tests but they show a lot and are usually the first test done.What about thyroid? You need TSH, T4 and Free T3 for a proper thyroid diagnosis. Wite count and Lymph count normally have to be quite a ways out before investigated. They show infections etc but often they are not normal as residue infection or arthritis in the body.I hope that helps. Do not rely on a GP with test results always look your self and query anything you are not happy about. If not glaring they do not normally take any notice.

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am having T3 tested privately soon with blue horizon. latestthyroid tests as follows

T4 21.39 (11.0 -25.0)

TSH 0.11 (0.27-4.20) i know i should feel well. but i feel rubbish. kind thoughts brenda


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