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Could Crampex help with myofascial pain?

Apologies if this is a really silly question!

I happened to see these tablets in Boots. They are actually for people whose calves cramp during the night, and contain magnesium, vitamin D3, and nicotinic acid.

Nicotinic acid was in chillblain tablets that Boots used to sell years ago. Magnesium, of course, is supposed to be good for muscle tension, and we all know about vitamin D. My unscientific mind is thinking that perhaps the magnesium would relax the muscles, and the nicotinic acid would send the blood through the muscles...the information talks about muscles being knotted and the muscle fibres being crushed together. The pack actually shows a rope with a knot in it!

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I am sorry I cannot answer your question but this is a link re Myofacial Pain


...the ingredients would help muscles and the magnesium is good for cramps. Magnesium aids the absorption of D3 - so with your knowledge I would think it better to take the D3 and Magnesium as individual items according to your needs to get a better dose.

Am about to do a Blog about Bowen Therapy - so take a look. That will help those pesky muscles !


Have you tried myofascial release?


Tried just about every manual therapy! Not some one who did solely myofascial release, though. I've become so exhausted over the years trying to deal with pain.


I have learnt fascial release as part of my Body Realignment training. Myofascial Release is a separate therapy.

The fascia is, as you may know, a web-like structure which surrounds every bone, muscle, tendon, organ and, some believe, cell, in the body. It is extremely strong at a tensile strength of 2,000lbs per sq inch. (Muscle is 600lbs.) It is sticky and forms adhesions when damaged.

Because it sticks and is so strong it can distort the entire body. If you imagine pulling the corner of a tea towel you will see the stress radiate across the entire towel - this is what happens in the body.

Fascia cannot be released with massage as it is so strong. However, there are techniques which will release it. Once a 'stuck' bit is released the body can straighten and function properly. It has a profound affect on the body.

I have found the results to be awesome for something which uses the strength of the body to heal itself.

(I have posted something about BR with some photos. of some toes which straightened.)


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