Anybody else had bone pain after supplimenting with vit d?

Hi just wondered if anyone out there has gone through this terrible bone pain? I had burning pain in my muscles for 4 years finally discovered I was vit d deficiency. I started on the vit d, k2, magnesium and calcium 2 months ago and it was great in no time at all the muscle pain and headaches were gone. I had to give up on the oral magnesium as I was never off the toilet lol! Im now using ancient minerals magnesium oil. About 2 weeks ago the bone pain started. Its very painful not just an ache. Painkillers do nothing it feels like I have been smacked in the legs with a big stick. Other parts of my body hurt too. My thyroid is also low. Low ft4 and low ft3. My gp says its normal as tsh is 2.86. I was considering self medicating but wanted to get all my vits etc in order first. How long does this terrible pain last and does anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks x

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  • Magsyh,

    Have you tried stopping the vitD to see whether the pain subsides?

    VitD deficiency caused the hip and knee joint pain I experienced and the pain resolved completely once vitD deficiency was corrected.

  • my levels were only 13/34 which ever way its written so I think I will need more that 2 months to fix it. At the moment I can hardly walk the pain seemed to start in my hip has now traveled to my knee and calf muscle. I can even feel it in my big toe! I do have weak muscles still and they seem to strain very easily I cant even lift my grandson. Burning muscle pain gone but now my bones ache☹

  • Magsyh,

    My vitD rose from <10 to 107 after 10 weeks.

    I had something like lumbago or sciatica last year. Pain started in lower back and went to hip, thigh, knee and calf. I was using a crutch to walk for a couple of weeks. I was using ibuprofen and paracetamol for around 8 weeks.

  • How much vit d were you supplimenting with? Im using 3000iu dlux spray is it enough? I am going to get BH to retest everything soon so I can tell if what I am doing is doing any good. I wanted to try NDT. I tried thyroid s 4 months ago only 1/2 grain a day but my pulse rate went up and I felt terrible so I gave up and checked my vit levels and iron all were low. Im working on them all now. Would I be better getting some nature thyroid as no fillers? Thanks xx

  • Magsyh,

    I was prescribed 40,000iu x 14 days and 2,000iu daily x 8 weeks.

    All tablets have fillers. Low iron may be why you couldn't tolerate Thyroid-S. It may be worth trying it again when your iron is higher.

  • Thank you for your help on this. I may have to up my d suppliment for a while then? My ferratin was 46 then 2 months ago was 68 I have stopped falling asleep in the day time now and my hair isnt falling out like it was so I hope it has improved even more. Do you think I should try the thyroid s again? It really scared me the last time?

  • Magsyh,

    It might be better to stop taking vitD for a week or two in case the pain is caused by the vitD supplement.

    I would continue supplementing iron until ferritin is 80-100. Then try Thyroid-S if you want to try NDT again.

  • If both your FT4 and FT3 are low, that might be causing symptoms because T3 is needed in our receptor cells no matter what your TSH is and, once upon a time, doctors treated patients due to their clinical symptoms alone (before blood tests were introduced). Two links from TUK.

  • My family doc actually diagnosed me with underactive thyroid when I was a child. I remember my parents trying to get me to swollow the levo. I couldnt, kept spitting it out so they gave up. That would have been in the 1960's. Im now hitting 59. Ive had problems all my life and could tick most of those boxes. The highest my tsh has ever been is 4.1 Its now 2.86 after a year of kelp and selenium suppliments. I was tested told I was deficient in both as I never eat fish etc. I have a fairly high total t4 I pressume because of iodine in the kelp but my ft4 and ft3 are both below halfway in range. Any suggestions do those ranges tell a story? Many thanks xx

  • I believe in the early 60's patients were diagnosed by their clinical symptoms alone and given NDT. As you were a child and you didn't like the taste and might have been a big on the large side for you to swallow whole with water.

    Your doctor then would have been well-versed in the clinical symptoms and prescribed upon symptoms. The blood tests I believe were only being introduced along with levo around that period.

    In one of the links above you will see the tests available if your GP will do them which also point to hypothyroidism particularly if FT4 and FT3 are low. It is a serious condition, hypothyroidism, in that it affects our whole body from head to toe, the heart and brain in particular need them to work efficiently and for us to function well. Before levo and the blood tests were introduced, we were prescribed Natural Dessicated Thyroid Hormones and upon clinical symptoms alone.

    Neither of your parents would have been aware of how serious hypothyroidism can be if untreated but you have managed to keep reasonably well with iodine etc.

    I think you should now look to getting proper thyroid hormones even if nowadays a doctor is told to wait till the TSH is around 10. Some do if you go slightly above the range which I think is around 5 :)

  • magsyh Have you been tested for calcium level and found to be deficient? Is that why you're supplementing with calcium? Unless you are known to be deficient you shouldn't supplement calcium.

  • I did wonder about the calcium and thought about giving up dairy for a while and the suppliment. I had two calcium tests last year. The blood test was normal but the mineral dest was deficient? So blood levels were ok but bone levels not? So its confusing, mind you they didnt pick up the vit d problem. Probably why the blood level was fine but no vit d to put it to bones?

  • I don't know anything about mineral tests, mine was a blood test and I was satisfied with that. It's amazing how much calcium we get from our daily diet when we check it. I drink some bottled spring water and was reading the label this morning, one litre contains 51mg calcium which surprised me!

    You could possibly give up the supplement and see what happens. As K2 aids absorption of calcium from food then as well as the calcium supplement it may be that there's too much calcium for your body's needs.

    When supplementing with Vit D, as well as K2-MK7 and magnesium, there are other co-factors - Vit A, zinc, boron, Vit E. I take a D3 supplement which contains K2-MK7, Vit A and Vit E, and the others are in a multi my practioner recommended.

  • Yes I am taking all of those so maybe too much calcium? I will maybe have to stop the d, calcium etc for a while and see how my body reacts? Many thanks for that x

  • Supplementing with calcium when you don't know whether you are deficient is not a good idea.

    If you supplement with vitamin D it raises your body's absorption of calcium from the diet, so even if your calcium level was low in range you wouldn't need to supplement it. The vitamin D supplementation should raise your calcium for you.

    The best plan would be to supplement vitamin D, magnesium, and vitamin K2. Stop supplementing calcium. I don't think giving up dairy is a good idea without a good reason.

    What kind of magnesium are you supplementing with? And what kind of vitamin D are you supplement? I hope it is D3.

  • I have read about people being unable to tolerate vitamin D in the past. Since it didn't apply to me I read very few of the details, but I think the problem may be genetic in origin.

    Anyone who has this problem has to raise vitamin D by other methods - regular doses of sunlight, and including foods in the diet which supply vitamin D.

    Do some web searches for :

    "vitamin D intolerance"

    "can't tolerate vitamin D"

    and see what you can find out.

  • Hi Im using ancient minerals magnesium oil and dlux vitamin d spray 3000iu it is d3. Not much sun up here in north of scotland so I have considered buying a UVB shortwave lamp. I dont eat seafood so no vit d from food unless milk or mushrooms. I will give up the calcium and see what happens with the pain. I had a massage today for my siatica so if I can get rid of the pain from that it will be a start. Thanks for your help everybody xx

  • I get unbearable pain in my leg bones from Vit D supplements. Pain so bad that I am unable to walk and terrible at night. Tried three times, each time same result and pain fades if I stop.

    More on my profile.

    Just been diagnosed as coeliac (missed diagnosis for decades) and have Hashi.

    I did stick at relatively high dose of vitamin D for 6 months (6000iu) and get levels up, but then found it impossible to tolerate pain on lower dose or a maintenance dose of 1000iu. So have just stopped completely 2 weeks ago.

    I shall be testing levels to see how quick they fall.

    My gastroenterologist suggests plenty of sun 😎

    I am considering a vitamin D lamp, but they are pricey - approx £300, be interested to hear if anyone has had good experience using one.

    Magnesium has helped a lot & still taking that.

  • Well I got to thinking that the price of a sunlamp is cheaper than a holiday and the whole family would benefit. Will have to ask santa x

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