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Adrenal &DHEA results in - is it time to panic??!

Hi all

I amd currenrly on 125mg of T4 and 40 mg of T3. I also take Vit D, Evening Primrose Oil, VIt B complex and I normally take the tablets in the morning before eating.

I have been trying the CT3M protocol with hit and miss results, So I took a step back and got my adrenals tested to check how they are doing before focusing on the thyroid again.

These are my adrenal/cortisol/DHEA levels and the time the test was done. The overall comment was that I was at Resistance Stage 3 - Maladaption

1 (after waking at 7am)

results 17.6. Results on the normal range. The range was 12-22

2 (4.5 hours later)

results 4.8. Results low and outside the range. The range was 5-9

3 (another 4.5 hours later)

results 2.6. Results low and outside the range. The range was 3-7

4 (just before bed time)

results 1.4. Results in normal range. The range was 1-3

total daily cortisol 26.4 (range 21 to 41).

DHEA levels

0.08 (results were low) range 0.30 to 1.00

0.10 (results were low) range 0.30 to 1.00

DHEA:Cortisol Ration 0.34 (results were low) range 1.0 to 4.0

Any comments on these results would be appreciated

Thank you!

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Being hypothyroid depletes DHEA - a hormone made by your adrenals. So if they're tired too..... well that's a double problem. DHEA goes on to become more than 50 other hormones. It is an essential prohormone so it being low is a big problem.

The cortisol is fine and some of the test results for your adrenals are too. You are only dropping during part of the day and only just outside range. However I would think a short course of adrenal support is in order. That would be my take anyhow.

For the DHEA - I'd take a supplement (which I actually do). It's a very difficult issue as it's blacklisted almost. But your doctor should be doing something about your DHEA level on these results surely? What did your doctor say about these results? Are they going to do anything about them?

I'm sure you'll get lots of other comments and observations on this as well. Good luck and I hope you get the answers you're looking for x

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Gosh I dont want to really go down the DHEA route re taking it if it isnt accepted practise. I think my adrenals and DHEA levels have struggled in the past but I do think that was because of the thyroid and if I can get treatment for that right then the DHEA and Adrenals will repair. I hope...!!


No, don't panic. That won't do your adrenals any good at all! They are struggling a bit and need a helping hand.

Be very careful with products that call themselves adrenal 'support', most of them are actually stimulants, ashwaghanda for example. Check out all the ingredients before taking anything. Tired adrenals need rest not stimulation.

However, lots of people here swear by Nutri Adrenal, which doesn't stimulate. I haven't tried it myself but a lot of people find it helps. Apart from that, lots of vit C and don't cut back on the salt.

Hugs, Grey


Funnily enough I love salt and use the proper raw sea salt. I also have low blood pressure so I can take salt without too much of a problem!


No, don't panic - my results were similar and nearly back to normal now after taking some adrenal support supplements - high dose vit C, Vit b5 (pantothenic acid), nutri adrenal and dhea. It's also a good idea to change your nutrition to keep blood sugar levels stable - so low GI foods, avoid sugar, alcohol etc. Also change lifestyle to avoid stress as far as possible - use relaxation techniques, get some exercise (if you have the energy), take naps and avoid caffeine. It sounds like a long list but it does work. There's loads of practical advice (including recommended supplements and dosages etc) in Dr wilson's book "Stress the 21st century stress syndrome" - it's as good as a DIY manual! Although I tested as you did my GP, and an endo I saw privately, would not prescribe DHEA "because it is not licensed"!

If you can afford private advice Dr P is good on adrenals (and thyroid).

Good Luck



Many thanks all for getting back to me.

While I did have a lot of physical and enviromental stressors some years back around the time my thyroid probs started I have managed to remove/repair those stressors.

I have been taking good care of myself re lifestyle, health, exercise and stress levels etc. I dont want to take any adrenal support products as I went down the route before and it didnt resolve the problem long term so I am looking at other approaches.

I actually think that my DHEA is low now because of my thyroid meds stressing the adrenals - I dont know if that makes sense logically? So I am looking at CT3M to manage how and when I should take thyroid meds to take strain of the adrenals and help them and DHEA levels repair.

Has anyone got direct experience of using CT3M with good results in terms of DHEA and Adrenal repair? I guess what I am asking in other words, is with the right approach can the body heal itself if the thyroid meds are managed correctly?

WHat do you think?


I've just had my adrenal results back - they're v similar but my thyroid is in balance although I feel rubbish. It sounds like you're suffering adrenal fatigue. May practitioners urge this to be treated prior to thyroid treatment see this reference -

This is because treating thyroid with T4 etc. adds additional stress to already stressed adrenals. I was certainly being well overmedicated with T4 (T4 high TSH suppressed (and my GP hadn't bothered to check the adrenals)). Off T4 with adrenal support I feel human, on T4 I feel rubbish. I'm going for second opinion because off T4 my T4, T3, TSH are all in range - go figure...and I was on 100mcg thyroxine. I agree with Xanthe. Strongly suggest you get a good functional practitioner to guide you through sorting the adrenal support out. You may also need digestive and liver support too while things resolve. Do you know how your thyroid performs off T4 & T3? How long have you been hypothyroid?


You say that you 'normally take the tablets in the morning before eating'. Does that mean that you were taking them all at the same time rather than leaving a couple of hours between them? I know with T4 it is better to avoid any other medication/supplements for a couple of hours after taking it and avoid eating for a couple of hours as well. A lot of people find it is better taking T4 on going to bed rather than first thing in the morning.

I don't know about the CT3M protocol but if it is not working for you, then maybe just consider going back to taking your various tablets in the morning if that's what suits you but keep the T4 away from the rest...just a thought.


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