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adrenal results back..worried!!

Adrenal results are back, I took the sliva cortisol test, cortisol results are below range:

Sample 1 - on awakening 4.5 nmol/L range 12 -22

Sample 2 - at noon 2.3 nmol/L range 5.0 -9.0

Sample 3 - at 4pm 0.5nmol/L range 3.0 - 7.0

Sample 4 - at 9pm 0.5 nmol/L range 1.0 - 3.0

DHEA levels (am) = 0.03 range 0.40 -1.47

DHEA levels (pm) = 0.03 range 2.0 - 6.0

I am at exhaustion stage - bad! I went to GP yesterday and although I had a Synacthen test in feb 2012 which was normal he had me do a 9am cortisol test this morning. I doubt it will be of any use and if anything a red herring as we all know the NHS blood tests are basically aimed at picking up a person with adrenal failure/Addisons. I feel so weak and tired all of the time and i believe i am suffering reactive hyperglcemia due to low cortisol/DHEA. I guess I need to find a private Dr (I have a list) to help me or self medicate. I have managed to get GP to sign me off and he signed me off for next week but I have a few weeks at least in mind so I guess the most i'm going to expect from him is a sick note..sigh!

Is there anyone out there with levels like mine who is undergoing treatment, any help/advice appreciated. I dont think the thyroid meds helped in terms of sending my adrenals into a crisis.


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I suggest you Dr. P's book "your thyroid and how to keep it healthy". The excellent website "Stop the thyroid madness" has lots of info on treating adrenals.

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Yes I think a private Dr is the only way to get help. I have that book. Will check out the website.


Hi, Is it the Thyroid UK list that you have? If not you can find information about it here.

Jane x


Hi Helen,

I have similarly low levels of cortisol which I discovered only recently: I was so fatigued and sleeping so much (even more than usual with my ME) that i got myself re-tested. I have a history of adrenal fatigue (which was improving gradually with nutritional and, supplement support and lifestyle changes), but these results are far worse than ever before. In my case I think it's due to suppression of the adrenals as a result of some high-dose steroid medication I had recently for another condition. The books already mentioned are invaluable for the advice they give, but at this level of results you need to see a doctor. I'm seeing Dr P again soon - this is his specialist area, but as I understand it he's retired from medical practice so he can't prescribe drugs (which you (and I) may need).. In the meantime you could help yourself by avoiding ALL sugary foods, alcohol and caffeine and eating plenty of protein. Get lots of sleep and relax as much as you can.


Xanthe, yes I too was on high dose steroids for 14 weeks and then had a baby not long after. I have hashimotos too. It's all just taken its toll. I am going to try dr Lams protocol and retest saliva within 6 weeks and see how I get on. I have also been reading dr Wilson's book. Do you take salt water twice a day that can help.


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