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Sinusitis and feeling light headed!

Hi all, One of my problems recently has been continuous sinusitis. I have no infection and usual meds have not worked- sinus spray- ibuprofen- anti-histamines etc. They are inflammed all of the time- stuffy nose- headaches and am having a lot of trouble with feeling really light headed with a slightly drunk feeling.

I am having problems with my thyroid levels being slightly out at the moment TSH was 5.84 and Free T3 and 4 at the very low end of normal.

I am being referred to rheumatology as I have had a weak positive anca test recently.

I am feeling really weak at the moment also. I have seen two rheumatologists in the past so not holding out much hope really.

Has anyone else got sinus inflammation everyday and if so have you any ideas to relieve the symptons a little?

I have had usual full blood tests, chest xray- the consultant classed my referral as routine so nothing too abnormal could have shown.

Thank you all very much


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Hi friz

Sinus problems are something I used to suffer with a lot. When I was given amitriptyline by my GP for my Fibro, I found it dried my sinus's up to the extent I was coughing day glow green mucus! If you do have sinus problems you should never take meds that dry them up, they need to stay free running (not nice to talk about, LOL) So consider what you are taking that may be doing this.

I have found if I wash mine with a netti pot filled with a salt wash when I have a cold, I won't suffer an infection after. You do need to get the hang of doing it. use about 10fluid ounces of tepid water with half a teaspoon of netti salt. Mine is a plastic pot, bought on the Internet. I made a hole in the lid of the pot to allow air in, so that it poured out of the spout easier.

I hope that helps, it is really worth a try and much cheaper than all the stuff your chemist may recommend. x


Thanks Betty, I have seen mention of this on the internet and will look into this more.

Helen x


There is a bug going round - tickly cough, sore throat, sinuses and fatigue. I was speaking to our local pharamcist yesterday and half the schools and parents seem to have it! Apparently the cough and sinus problem goes after a few weeks but the tiredness from the virus can drag on for 6 weeks.

Your current problems may be thyroid relaled etc - I am not an expert - but could be this virus as it does seem to be doing the rounds?!


I don't think this is a virus, I should have said the sinus trouble first started last summer- I thought it was an allergy of some kind but has gradually got worse from slightly stuffy nose now and again to full blown sinus inflammation with intense headaches behind the eyes and nose. I have noticed when the room is quite dry and warm the symptons do seem worse which seems to tie up with Bettys comment above about not drying them up.

Thank you for your thoughts though.

Helen x



I suffer from sinus problems and have Sjogerens syndrome. I use nasal wash outs and get some relief, as it also affects my teeth with the pressure, I also use nasal drops and Nystatin, they all help for a short time.



Suffered problems with it since 2003!

Had scans ENT visits and the usual reply is "substantially normal!"

I don't think I have found it much different between times when my Hypothyroidism is well managed, and when it isn't, but others might find theirs is different I suppose.

Problem is, loads of drugs also cause congestion too, and I take a good few, just to complicate things!

When I do get an infection, antibiotics usually do help a great deal, but it soon returns. Worst effect apart from usual sinus symptoms like headaches has been the effect it has no snoring, and even sleep apnoea-like effect when I am most congested (NOT a good thing!).

Spray Nasal decongestants I keep to when I have an actual cold, as they raise blood pressure and cause later problems too, (although I find I can use them much longer than some reckon without the "rebound" problem) the only significant longer term relief has been a corticosteroid nasal spray, but its not a cure, and causes nose bleeds with me too :-(

Tried Neti pot and find it extremely unpleasant, as well as extremely difficult to use with my back and neck pain/disability problems, but the same sort of isotonic saline solution in a spray form helps a bit, (have also used other products such as Xlear, a Xylitol spray, but the saline has a similar effect for far less cost and more convenience!)


I had sinusitis for years, haven't had it recently. The most effective things are 100% xylitol chewing gum (prevents infections and doesn't taste as bad as the spray) but both can be used, raising the head of my bed (prevents nighttime reflux and that can cause sinus irritation) and n-acetyl n-cysteine, which frees up mucus. Xylitol gum can be mildly laxative but start with a couple of pieces after dinner and increase to 2 after each meal and only those with IBS are likely to have problems. The nasal spray contains too little to be laxative.

As you don't believe it's an infection try the bed raise and the NAC.


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