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Light Headed And Dizziness

Is anyone experiencing this? Mine is worse if I have a virus-which is nearly all the time. Even a few sips of alcohol will send me reeling so am laying off it completely at the moment.

I am 56, on 50mcg Levo and fluctuating with feeling ok and then wobbly etc. I know I will need some supplements. I'm not on Vit D/B12 etc but have started taking iron tabs again.

Any advice would be great.

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Yes I suffered with vertigo/dizziness when under-medicated for hypthyroidism. It often seemed worse when I had a cold/sinus problem. Do you have your latest thryoid blood test results? If so then please post on here (together with the ranges), as I suspsect you may be undermedicated too - 50mcg is a fairly small dose. xx


Yeah has been the same for me the last few weeks. I've had a couple of viruses so perhaps it's that.... And I'm presuming its adrenal related....


I do have done so since being hypo and that 13 years ago, i take 112mg eltroxin each nite and nothing makes a difference to it, i think this is one of the worse symptoms of being hypo x


I got this when overmedicated. What are you blood results?


Thanks everyone. Not sure of bloods-being tested again next month. I remember it was 15 for one result. If on any higher than 50 I get bad panic attacks/nose bleeds/palps etc so would rather be lower;


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