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Breathlessness and Weak Legs


Im feeling a bit concerned over the last couple of months because of an asthma kind of attack that I had in March which was then repeated in the same week. After the second attack I returned to the doctor who ordered blood tests, chest xrays and an ecg.

This week I had another attack. I wheeze and can't breathe and it lasted for about half an hour. However, both gps I saw have said it isnt asthma but they dont know what it is really. They can hear a loud murmur in my heart and have send out for tests for an echogram? However they dont think that has any bearing on the breathing and are just doing it because they have never heard it before. (I was born with a benign murmur but it was very weak and sometimes undetectable).

I am really really concerned. Im on T3 only. My TSH has slipped back to 7.5 and I am thinking Im feeling tired etc because of that. I am trying to increase my dose gradually at the moment.

My GP has been very considerate about it all and says as I am under alot of stress at the moment (tremendous personal problems more connected to my Daughters health), that I most likely have a late onset seasonal allergy and that my brain sends me into panic if it starts, hence the inability to breathe . I do not feel any pain when this happens, I do not feeling like Im having a heart attack, nor has the chest xray or ecg indicated that.

However I am very scared. I seem to be getting more breathless between the attacks and I have a knee problem that just seems to be more painful and my legs feel weak.

Does anyone think this is related to the thyroid situation? Nobody seems concerned enough but I am very frightened about what is happening. I am not imagining the weak legs. I first felt them coming on before the first asthma type attack happened.

Can anyone help with if they know of these symptoms being thyroid related? Im actually beginning to wonder if I have a neurological situation happening but I do over think these things sometimes.

Many thanks

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Hi there. Can't say if your symptoms are thyroid related but there are key words which stand out..stressed, scared and frightened! It sounds to me like panic attacks, having had them myself for years your post stood out. I have no medical knowledge but I know I am much better when my thyroid meds are doing me good, the attacks virtually disappear and the 'scared' feelings leave. Please remember you WILL breathe, it's the adrenaline causing the feelings. I found VitB12 helped (daily) then eventually Armour Thyroid made a huge difference in many ways. Of course I could be wrong but know panic attacks and stress can manifest in many ways ( was convinced I had a brain tumour!) Also over-thinking is a common trait with us lot Lol.

Perhaps you need to increase your t3 a bit more?

Good luck x

Thank you. I spent many years scared of life until I was diagnosed with the thyroid issues and I certainly dont want to go back there. I too have had many panic/anxiety situations/attacks but the difference here was the wheeziness that went to the inability to breathe and I think thats what has scared me because it was a very different situation. Combined with the leg weakness, it has made me very concerned.

Elven in reply to Numberone1

i am wheezing too, always breathless now and cannot fully inflate my lungs. I fell today in the street carrying shopping due to jelly legs and was mortified. I couldn't get up again and had to crawl to the nearest house with a low front wall. I awoke 4am today choking, couldn't breathe for two very scary minutes.

Will be seeing my GP as soon as possible. This is frightening and I feel weak and ill every day xx


Yes, you are right to be concerned with breathlessness. Unfortunately doctors don't know it can be connected to your thyroid gland dysfunction. These are studies which have been done and a report from Dr Lowe:-

Yes, breathlessness can be due to your thyroid gland. I think you may need to increase your T3 as your TSH has risen too high.

I am overactive and have constant breathlessness and weak legs. before being diagnosed Graves I had all the usual tests (heart lung neuro) when finally found thyroid, Dr said these ARE symptoms of thyroid. I only had 1 episode where I couldnt breath and I think my panic made it much worse.

When I was first diagnosed I was breathless had weak painful swelled legs. I was given inhalers. I also had severe vit d deficiency.Once tsh and bit d sorted I had no problems. Iwas also borderline b12. I couldn't even walk up one set of stairs at work or walk from my car to the supermarket but now ok.

Hi Just one of the things you say, i have picked out. Is you vit D OK, legs often that, if low have a calcium test before treatment, ideally an endo.


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