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Swaying and feeling sick and light headed

Can anyone help, please - I've been diagnosed as hypothyroid for 23 years and never known anything like this - I went to bed at 1am feeling exhausted after having a meal out with friends - only had one drink. Got up in the night to go to the toilet and was swaying/ staggering and feeling almost out of control and feeling a bit sick - no pains anywhere. Taken ibuprofen at 8am and been trying to drink lots of water lwhich hasn't helped at all and I'm still swaying and feeling sick almost to the the point of just colapsing into a heap even when crawling on all fours instead of walking.

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Sounds like the winter bug which has just knocked my household off its feet for two weeks. After a couple of days of being very dizzy, we had sore throats, headaches, stuffy noses, chesty coughs and poor appetites.

Its rife here on the south coast.



And here in Essex. Hope everyone recovers soon and wish you all well.

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I live on the South coast too Galathea, wonder if it's anywhere near you?

Anyhow, to get back to the point my husband and I both have snotty noses that feels as if it should be a cold but doesn't seem to be, I don't know if that makes sense!

But until you mentioned it I hadn't heard of anything horrid going around.

(We are both 67 and decided not to have flu jabs this year).


I am in Weymouth. Yes the bug turned into a right snotty cold for me, but the other two adults justj got, just the dizzyness, coughs, bad chests. Its not really flu but its a really nasty bug. You think you may be getting better, then one trip to the supermarket wipes you out for the day. Rest and plenty of liquids... I still have the chesty cough and it will be two weeks on Tuesday since I started feeling ill. Looks like you are in for a very quiet Christmas..... Just batten down the hatches and stay put.......

Commiserations.. ( I would not even consider a flu jab.)

Xx. G

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Yep. It's here in the SW London too. Vile. I've been in bed today since 5pm this evening. Praying to get the energy together to stuff a turkey and play hostess to the whole tribe come the 25th.xx


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