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Results from Endo Visit - could I have some advice please?

Today I have received copies of my Endo's report to my GP.

He recommends a raise in T4 from 125mcg to 150mcg (and again states his opposition to NDT and T3 )

He says this is with "the aim of raising the free thyroid hormones to the upper limit of the normal range, and avoiding a suppressed TSH."

He included my results, but sadly no ranges. I have just emailed him asking if I can have a copy of the blood results, or at least be informed of the ranges. However in the meantime this is what I have - with his comments in brackets:

TSH - 0.5 mU/L (No comment made)

FT4 - 14.9 ("Mid to low range")

FT3 - 4.0 (No comment made)

Vit D - 75.6 nmol/l ("Normal")

Coeliac screen - ("Negative")

Oestradol - 78 pmol/l ("Low" & "Menopausal range")

FSH - 46.5u/l ("Elevated")

LH - 21.7 u/l ("Elevated")

Serum testosterone 1.3 nmol/l ("Satisfactory")

They also did a "fasting" Glucose test. I informed him there was no point as I had eaten breakfast (a cereal bar and a cup of tea - with sugar :/) but they did it anyway and it came out as 8.0 nmol/l - so he says I need that redone by the GP.

He tells my GP to raise to 150mcg and test again in 2 months.

So my questions -

Is this likely to have enough of an effect?

Is it worth holding off on any T3 self medication for 2 months to see the results of this?

If I take a tiny amount of T3 - e.g. 1/4 tablet so 6.25mcg to help me get over my afternoon slumps, will that throw any results off too much?

Do my levels indicate any issues (e.g. Failure to convert T4 to T3?)

Where should I be trying to get my Vit D level to?

Should I be doing anything to help my "Menopausal Gonadotrophins?"

Is a cup of tea with 2 sugars and a cereal bar enough to raise blood sugars to 8? Or am I likely to get a diagnosis of Diabetes to add to my growing list?

Now that I have his email address I would like to send him some good documents (or links) showing T3 (or T3/T4 combo) having a positive effect (I have given up on NDT with him for now,) Would somebody be able to point me to some good info

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yes cup of tea and cereal bar is enough to raise your blood sugar to 8 :)

needs definitely re-doing

a 'random' blood sugar is normal up to 11.something if I recall correctly, as you had tea and cereal bar then it was a random not fasting x


Phew - thanks for that - one less thing to worry about. Hopefully the proper fasting one will show all is still OK in that department - as it was 12 months ago :)


Several things spring to mine. My GP practice ie the NHS Lab no longer do fasting blood tests for glucose. I cannot have them any way as I have severe diabetes, so I did investigate this thoroughly Also the more important test is Hb A1c and for a diagnosis you need both. Diabetes is quite common with thyroid disease.Incidentally I do not meet the normal criteria for diabetes,I am underweight etc..Secondly, a lot of docs especially cardiac think the same as your short sighted endo. Thirdly I would see how you find the increase T4, certainly it is simpler if that works and at least he did the other tests that he should have done! Then, if still not "right" I would ask for another referral but do all your research first. I hope this helps.



Suppressed TSH is not a bad thing and I don't understand why doctors lose their heads over it! Do not be ruled by blood test results, go by how you feel.


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