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Hi All just a catch up on my Endo appointment to day it did not help at all !!!

I'm taking T3 30/40 alternate days.

I told him I did not feel at all well the the main points being Hot /sweats,sleeping badly, sore throat and tongue which I had for years! plus the usual aches and pains especially in the legs.

Blood test showed Folate serum <24.8 (3.1 - 19.9 )

FSH 48.4 (3.5 - 13.0 )

LH 16.2 (2.4 - 13.0 )

ALT 56 (5 - 40 )

Creatine border line 62 (60.0 - 120.0 )

Ferritin 24 (11.0 - 307 )

B12 290 (150.0 - 900.0 )

Oestadiol 22 (46 - 607 )

RDW 11 (12.0 - 16.0 )

TSH 0.57 ( 0.3 - 4.2 )

T3 5.5 (3.1 - 6.8 )

I was told by GP and last Endo it was not the change giving the H/sweats (I'm 64!)so I waited for them to give me the answer of the problem (On the blood results from the lab it said Recommendation IRON & B12 supplement.!!!

Well he said bloods were fine no need for any change,go back on HRT, get more sleep! may be a good idea to get anti- depressant and stop blaming thyroid problems for everything!So that was my great day I'm on my own to get my vit's up great.!!

Sorry if it's gone on but after reading Paul's book I thought I was asking all the right questions. Thanks for listening to my moans!

Regards wakeham.

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Those FSH and LH levels are enough to give you hot sweats they are really high, thats probably also what causes sleepless nights.

Also do you split your T3 across the day? If not it may help if the hot sweats are caused by it.

Another thing to consider is timing of when you take your T3 as it could cause sleepless nights although someone else may be better to advise you on this than me as I don't actually take it myself.

I would supplement the iron and Vit B12 yourself you can get some great supplements that will help get those figures up.

Good luck!


Thank you for your help, yes I do split my T3 I Take the largest dose 20mcg at 4am

then split the remaining into to doses one taken at 12.30 and one dose 5pm I have been trying to do what Paul Robinson suggest I also keep an eye on my obs night and morning and my temp is never higher than 36.5 even in the evening, but the GP made me laugh when she said well your not wearing you body out then working at a lower temp!!

Regards wakeham


Hi Wakeham

Sorry you have still not found the solution yet and hope you do soon. The doctor has a cheek not supplementing you with B12 and iron, so buy your Vit B12 yourself and get the methylcobalamin (you can get sublingual and will go directly into your blood stream)and not cyanocobalamin as methyl one is better for you. This is a list of foods.

This is a link re B12 - you may have already seen iand about iron.


Hi Make sure the endo has done all the standard bloods especially Glucose and Hb A1c for diabetes, also the others especially D. A good endo does them automatically. If you did not receive a report ( same as GP) ask his secretary to send you one with any other results and ranges.ALT not too important but may indicate diabetes. At first the signs of diabetes are not easy to bloods important. With U`s and E` , they can be a bit out but the thing that really matters is the GFR.i hope that helps.



Thank you Jackie and shaws for your help vit D has not been done as he has now put it on the envelope test for July when I see him next, as for diabetes I will keep my eye on that one.

Thank you once again Regards wakeham.


wakeham, the tongue is affected by low B12 so I hope you follow the suggestion about the sublinguals very soon. If Vitamin D3 would not be too expensive for you, I would urge you to start with those as well. It is pretty certain you are deficient because of where you live. Dosages of even 10,000 i.u are not uncommon. If you think you get calcium in your diet, a D3 combination with K2 would be very helpful as it would distribute the calcium to the right areas and I have seen that combination.


Hi Heloise

Thank you for your help,now tell me I have ordered my B12 (Jarrows)

now that is 5000 are you saying that I can take 1x twice a day?as well as vitamin D3? and I have not taken calcium for years,well since I started the thyroid treatment really and you think it is best to take it all do you?

Tell me how is your tongue now is it getting better? Both the endo and GP refuse to say it is to do with the thyroid or hormone problems! and it would be great if my throat improved, I have had it for years.

With regards wakeham.


Wakeham, I was talking about your vitamin D3 for taking a high dose.

Is your B-12, 5,000? I've never seen a dose that high. Is it the methylcobalamin? I don't think you have to worry about overdosing but even for pernicious anemia it seems the 1000 is enough. So you could take your 5,000 once per day if that's what you ordered. In fact, to build your levels up, it might be a good idea. My friend had the tongue problem and it did resolve. She took a 500 mg. B-12 pill after having injections since they decided it was just as effective as the injections. Later she used the sublinguals and also did well. I sometimes take B12 myself.

I personally took D3/ K2 but decided to take the prescription dose after trying 5 to10,000 i.u.per day all summer and only raising the level from 20 to 22.

Since calcium and Armour do not mix although I took a magnesium/calcium at night for restless legs when I didn't know that, I decided calcium supplementing might not be a good idea. Newer research said calcium supplements may be accumulating in the arteries. But now they include the K2 (don't worry about overdosing on that either) so I take a small amount of calcium because of the vitamin D dose being so large. I bought K2 separately since it wasn't included in my prescription D3. I do hope you get the vitamin d tested as it is very important to know for certain that you are high enough.


Thank you Helouise,

Right I will take 1 of the B12 to start with,and yes mine is a sublingle tablet it is the one that a lot of our fellow users on this site recommend,and as you say I shall start as soon as I get them and I shall go and get VD & K2 this week-end.I shall go back to GP to be tested for VD,but do you know that my GP told the endo that I kept a close on my test results and he did not like that at all!! we don't understand them he said! and said don't blame thyroid for everything! the problem is the don't come up with the answers to make us better do they? Thank you again.

Regards wakeham.


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