How do you think I did at my NHS Endo appointment?

Well I had my endo appointment and was very surprised that my endo actually decided to give me ( not on her advice but under her supervision she made sure I knew this more than twice) some artificial T3 that I would add to my Levo. I take 100 Levo but been having palpitations so cut down to 50. If I take this T3 too I may just take 50 with it and see how it goes. Take 100 later with it if no result. I asked about NDT but I sensed that she would not go down that road....she kept saying 'you know what its like' etc and I got impression her hands were tied and she was not wanting to go down that road. I was thorougly tested and had a multitude of blood tests....I saw she even included CELIAC. I also had lots of 24 hour urine tests given me that I took home so she could test my Cortisol levels as my weight has unbelieveably rocketed despite trying to lose it etc.....over the last year and a half. From 10 and a half stone to nearly 14 stone! My blood pressure was a a bit high but when she did it again it was not mentioned so I assumed it was lower then? Anyhow I was surprised I got anywhere.....but I went in knowing my stuff and I think she knew it....I even left her some print outs about conversion and T3 trials and so forth and she accepted them so all in all it went not too bad... I am still recovering from my hospital trip to town as it takes lots of buses and my husband came with me too (He has fibro too the same as me) his is from a back injury. Its gonna be a trial to get samples into docs every day for cortisol but has to be done at least is only the village doctor I have to get it too. My T3 results by the way afore I went to Endo were mimimal despite a good TSH and I stipulated this in our conversation.....I was polite at the same time as responsive and knew my stuff so can only hope it gets me somewhere....if this dont work I will be buying NDt online myself.....fingers crossed....

How do think this appontment went? And what are your experiences when you think you aint converting with the Thyroxine and you see an NHS Endo here in Uk?

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  • I am hopeful that T3 added to your reduced T4 will work for you. It's great when you feel the benefit of medication which suits you.

    Best wishes.

  • fingers crossed - and fanks :)

  • Be aware that you don't want to give your system too much of a shock all at once with the added T3. Might be a good idea to start with half a tab, say. Then work up to the full dose.

  • yeah I just took 10 yesterday - 2 x 5 but I lowered my thyroxine to 50.....possibly may even go lower on the thyroxine if T3 makes a difference in the end.

  • Sounds as though your appointment was very successful. Well Done!

  • You done good, gal.

  • aw fanks :) I fighting the fight

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