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Have now had vitamin levels done along with TSH, and FBC

Hi All

I have had my bloods tested for vitamins and they all seem normal except for one, results are below

sodium 139 - which is normal

potassium 4.5 - which is normal

creatinine 71 - which is normal

chloride 104 - which is normal

total calcium - 2.42 - which is normal

albumin 43 - which is normal

adjusted calcium 2.41 - which is normal

inorganic phosphate 1.14 - which is normal

alkaline phosphatase 173 - this is not normal - range is 30 - 130

ferritin 74 - which is normal

B12 477 - which is normal

serum folate 7.8 - which is normal

TSH 0.65 - which is normal

FBC - all normal

looks like I might have a problem with my liver!!! I will have to visit my GP for follow up on this!


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Wiki (which is not always right!) says that alkaline phosphatase can be elevated for many reasons. The ones that struck me include:

Primary hypothyroidism

Vitamin D deficiency

Coeliac Disease

Women using hormonal contraception

Worth a look. But don't panic - it is not very high.


hi helvella

I am not really panicking, all I know is that I am not right but all my levels say everything is fine, my GP said they will do these tests and go from there, to be honest I am not one to panic or stress about things, I think I have got far too laid back for that now lol, it must be the slowness in me from my hypothyroidism lol

thanks for the support, I will see what happens when I visit my GP next week.



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