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serum free T4 level on 28/7/10 was 13.5 and on 11/10/10was 13.8 Serum TSH level on 28/7/10 was 3.33 and on 11/10/10 was 1.01 the doctor was very pleased that it had gone down to 1.01 and is now balanced and I will stay on 50mg and have bloods done again in 6 months. She also said she thought i looked better in myself and i do feel better maybe something is working.

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Hi Annamaria

We are working our way through the unanswered Questions.

For future reference, I suspect that this may have got a better response as a blog.

We are hoping to have 'like' and perhaps even 'viewed' capabilities soon which will give us a much better idea of when people are looking at things even when they don't comment.




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