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hello,l saw Dr Peatfield last week..so pleased l did..he listens doesnt look at you like you were a nutter!asks your opinion and what you think..he is so sympathetic a kept it all together as l off loaded my history and he did tests and spoke of his view of my problemshe says lm TOXIC hence all the sweats,.my body is (was)not utilizing the armour,and origanally the levo l started on nearly three years ago..this is because my adrenals are on their last and not functioning..he said the dhea and pregnenalone l was taking wasn't enough support for the adrenals and they were continuing on the downward slope instead of improving ..he suggested l should take hydracortisone..AND also stop my armour thyroid untill my body recovers sufficiently to use the t4 and t3 it contains..he says that hopefully my body will use what l have in the meantime..if l feel l need it l can start again on a small dose.( l was only taking 1/4 grain as it made me, along with the dhea and pregnenalone feel more poorly then with out it l had at one stage taken 1 1/2 grain).... .

l feel like l have a new start ..l have gone full circle and worse..all my test results are worse than they were when l was first diagnosed..plus the sweats being panicky nervous low jumpy teary and not confident in going out..as well as not sleeping l had been up untill 4am the day before my appointment..

l needed the dhea/pregnenalone because l felt all the above without the capsule ..but could only take it for three to four days ( only 1/8th of the prescribed dose) as l would become VERY hyper so then stopped ..then two days later l would become low and feel dreadful with no energy ect VERY hypo... so you can also be hypo/hyper .

DR Peatfied understood EXACTLY what has been going on..and was so kind...he said my original Dr wasn't doing anything wrong JUST not doing enough for my adrenals.though he did improve other things.

l had felt great improvements with my leaky gut ,candida and my urine infections (at one time every other week and antibiotics prescribe at the same rate) l use a catheter so it was a bad cycle that lasted 17 years A LOT of antibiotics!...just shows you l am still catheterising but because l have been on the candida diet for three years as well as cutting out ALL the foods l have allergies to and stick to it and take supplements now to help..the infections are far more infrequent.

l have to keep a diary and CONTINUE taking my temperature..SO MUCH information from just a couple of minutes in the morning.he did some tests which were very helpful in seeing my adrenals were definatly not the full ticket...probably also to do with the sixteen operations l have had since the birth of my daughter in 1988..

My gp very kindly prescribed the hydra cortisone for me ( l am very lucky to have him l know) he also ordered a full set of blood tests so we could have a new base line my antibodies were over 2,000 in august ...HE also sent me for other blood tests AS he thinks l have LUPUS..to add to my list..( will blog again and ask a question).

l started the hydrocortisone on saturday,l was meant to take 5mg at first but thought l would halve it as l do react to every thing..and 1 hr after l couldnt see and was out of it for most of the day ( similar to the dhea /pregnenolone..l didnt take it yesterday...

today l did, this time with more food and l dont feel as bad..it maybe also that l havent taken the armour for six days and that might fit in with how my body is coping with it..SO l will let you know how l get on..l am VERY tired but...l havent slept properly in ages ..AND l am am VERY hypo so l dont expect anything else...BUT things could be changing...speak to you soon

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Hello Donna

Dr Barry Peatfield saved my life. Isaw h im many years ago. Stick with him and what he tells you. Try and buy one of his books.

Good Luck



Hi Donna,

Good luck, I hope it all goes well for you, im sure it will. love angie x


hi thankyou for your comment..l read his book and saw that he would have treated my poor functioning adrenals BEFORE starting thyroid treatment.. thats what drove me in desperation to see him.l was so lucky l rang and spoke to his secretary who had just recieved a cancelation..my good fortune!so although l was lucky to be prescribed armour by my first private dr ..it STILL wasnt helping me as l was utilising it! thankyou


Hi Donna, good luck with your condition. You mention Armour. How easy or difficult was it to get this from your health provider? I suffer from hypo, have been off any medication for 8 weeks now after being on LevoT for many years and am convinced LevoT is doing very little for me no matter what the dose and even has side effects which are unacceptable. Later this month I will try to persuade an endocrinologist to prescribe something other than LevoT, such as Armour. Can you advise?


l wasnt able to take the levo felt awful and had terrible sweats in the first week..l stopped taking andf found l prefered being hypo to the tablets..not much joy from gp..so eventually went private..was given armour..which went well..then he stopped it as there was a shortage ( to do with the maker) so he put me on levo with t3( cynomel) which l stuck to for a year..was ill..hot sweats and eneded up in casualty with suspected heart attack ..was hyper!

so leads me to my new blog past..a new start. its well worth pushing doors and trying armour..l have just read a blog from helluva about named patient prescription? check through todays yesterdays posts

good luck


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