Osteoporosis now!

I have just started on HC cream + DHEA (from Dr Myhill) for my adrenals and 3rd day on Armour (from GP) and had a bone density scan and have been told I have osteoporosis, I think, in my lower back. Was dazed at the news and didnt take it in. Going to see GP next Wed.

Took the Armour (1/2 grain) at night and the first 2 nights slept well. Last 2 nights not very well at all. Am going to take it tomorrow morning when I wake up and see if it makes any difference.

Still dazed - and stressed with osteo news.

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  • Topaz, I'm sorry to hear of the osteoporosis diagnosis. If you are prescribed bisphosphonates like Alendronic Acid please see your dentist before taking it as mine has advised 3 monthly oral hygiene cleans and daily mouthwash to avoid dental surgery if I have to take them following my Dexa scan.

    There are many posts on osteoporosis you may find useful healthunlocked.com/search/o...

  • Clutter, thanks for the reply and advice. I've been looking at Dr Jacob Teitelman's website and his nutritional programme to beat osteo. Unfortunately I dont think the GP will like it! I'm scared to take any drug having had M.E. for 19 years, now hypo and adrenals problems - all a bit much at the moment.

  • Topaz, I think you may need a drug to rebuild bone and prevent further loss but it's something I've not looked into in detail. My sister takes Alendronic Acid once a week (when she remembers) and has greatly improved the osteopenia she had which was probably caused by her hyperthyroidism.

  • No harm in trying various ways to help, I would, and here's a booklet from the National Osteoporosis Society about Vit D, which might help too. Going to search that doc now, see what he's got to offer. Take care, Jane :D


  • Thanks Sparerib I've downloaded and will read.

  • I agree with Sparerib about the vitamin D, I now take a high dose of D3 and it has corrected many things.

  • Thanks Clutter I'll have a look at those posts.

  • Topaz there are several websites giving advice on how to reverse osteoporosis similar to Dr Teitelbaum's, all can help. They are mainly American and mention supplements as well as diet and exercise. I had a DEXA of one wrist earlier this year and was very upset to be told it showed osteoporosis - I also have osteoarthritis in that wrist but the GP said that wouldn't make any difference and that I have osteoporosis because I am underweight. I had already read about the drugs used and decided against them, my GP went along with my decision and suggested I get help online but then told me not to read any American websites because they have different supplements available! Anyway it is possible to improve bone health ourselves, have a look at Save Our Bones and also Better Bones as well:



  • Thanks Framboise, good to know your GP went along with your decision not to take a drug I hope mine is as enlightened. I'll have a good look at the websites you recommend.

  • My aged auntie has osteo and has proved to me beyond all doubt that whatever the doctor prescribes (calcium - wise) is a waste of time!! She has now decided to eat more cheese and drink more milk to up her calcium levels rather than take calcium on prescription that is causing so many other problems. She has an ulcerated stomach and the Alendronate nearly killed her as her throat swelled and became inflamed and she was sick and then couldn't even swallow water!!

  • A couple of links you might find useful :



    Hugs, Grey

  • I was diagnosed with osteoporosis In April - on top of all my endo problems. I found a good book (Amazon) 'Foods that heal osteoporosis' by Ann Marie Lucas ... loads of almonds, broccoli, fruit/veg/salads. Also found website naturalhealthpractice.com; it's in USA. You need to click on osteoporosis & she tells you which supplements to take. I fell badly 6 weeks ago & didn't break a bone so something must be working. Also Orthomolecular Medicine is taking off big time - people doing more to take control of their health. 'Putting it All Together - the New Orthomolecular Nutrition' (Amazon). I'm still working out what to take to help my endo system. Good luck

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