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Im Hypothyroid with the presence of thyroid antibodies. Now I had been diagnosed with LGL syndrome. Please some advice

Im Hypothyroid with the presence of thyroid antibodies. Now I had been diagnosed with LGL syndrome. Please some advice

Was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hypothyroid over a year ago. I am now on 75mg of Levothyroxine and was on 25mg of T3, which I stopped taking a month ago. I feel worse than ever. My symptoms are horrible and I see no improvement at all. I am 24 years old and female.

I work part time (4hours a day) because im too tired to work any longer. I cannot wake up or function before 10am. My memory is so bad I feel like im loosing my mind. Im freezing while others are hot and sweating. I’m constipated. I bruise very easily. I never have any energy NEVER no matter how much I sleep. I have to sleep at least 12 hours. I can no longer exercise, before I would exercise 6 days a week 1 or 2 hours a day. Now I cannot get up the hill or stairs without stopping to rest. I wake up to use the toilet 2 to 7 times a night and drink all night. My blood pressure is low but my heart rate is high it goes up and down all day long but never to less that 80bpm. I get mouth ulcers and some night’s low-grade fevers. I cannot handle stress at all because it makes me feel so sick and ever more fatigued. It will take me days to recover after stressful events. When I get a little tiny bit better ill try and do daily chores and then after maybe 2 or 3 days I crash badly and be very sick for a while until I recover a little and it goes on like this.

These are my latest test results from 3 weeks ago:

Blood cortisol levels: 33.50 (4,20 - 38,40)

TSH: 0.01 (0,17 - 4,50) what the hell is going on???? ive never had low TSH

ever almost a 0??

FT4: 0,93 (0,70 - 2,00)

Iron: 59 (40,00 - 165,00)

Ferritin: 27,6 (5,00 - 300,00)

Transferrin: 274 (170,00 - 340,00)

Saturation transferrin: 22% (20,00 - 55,00)

Anti-TPO: 714,4 (0,00 - 12,00)

AC Anti Tiroglobulina (anti TG) : Sup 1.000,0 (0,00 - 40,00) (they keep getting higher)

24hour urine cortisol : 56,6 (10 - 90)

ACTH serum: 7.6 (14 - 64) why is this low....its the second time now...last time i had it a 5.0

I also had a 24-hour holster monitor for my heart:

The results came back abnormal and I am being referred to the UK at St Mary’s Hospital to see a heart specialist. The only problem is that the Endo that is referring me says that my Thyroid issues are fine…yet I still have all those symptoms and not to mention no life!! And now a weird heart issue???

He suspects LGL syndrome. Does anyone here have this or know about it??

Can anyone advise on my symptoms please?? I feel so sick its so unfair.

Are my results fine????

What about adrenal issues perhaps??

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We are really sorry that no one answered your question. I suspect that it was just missed.

If you still have queries, please feel free to post again.





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