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IHelp with results,please

TSH - 4,35. (0,35-4,94)

FT3 - 5,65. (2,63-5,70)

FT4 - 13,19. (9,00-19,00)

ANTI TPO 0,500 (0,00-1,00)

ANTI TG 0,400 (0,00-1,00)

Age: 38

Thyroid nodules (one on right side 5 on left biggest 7x7x11mm

Nodule biopsy Th3a (abnormal cells)

Low iron

Low D

High Cholesterol

Chronic migraine

ALL symptoms of under active Thyriod

Pain in left side of my neck

Swollen lymph node (throat left side)

Basal body temperature 36

Day temperature 36,5

No medication

I am desperate for some answers..Just come back from GP AGAIN, having heart palpitations and feeling like I am dying he measured my blood pressure what was for me very high 145/88 (normal for me is 105/70 if anything I suffer with low blood pressure) he is telling me there is nothing wrong with my thyroid function. He is happy to prescribe a antidepressants as he thing I am highly depressed!

Yes I AM because no one is listening that I am not feeling good!

Could you help with a blood results please? Can I have Hashi ?

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Denka, I'm a quite confused by your results. TSH is almost top of the range and FT4 halfway through range but unusually your FT3 is also top of range. High TSH usually means low FT3 and it is low T3 which causes hypothyroid symptoms.

TPO and Tg antibodies are negative for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's).

If the nodules are pressing on a nerve this may cause pain. Is another FNA scheduled to check the first thy3a result?

Low iron and low vitD can cause musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and low mood similar to hypothyroid symptoms. Are you supplementing to correct levels?


Thank you for your reply

I know my results are strange...

Everywhere I read about hypothyroidism, is says high THS low T3 :(

I have also read that some patients with Hashimoto have normal TPO and only have nodules and changes on thyroid... Could this be me?

They will repeat the biopsy in September.

My iron and D levels are in the range but borderline so GP wouldn't prescribe supplements, although my nutritionist recommend to take D,iron, magnesium, selenium, A, B complex, C, Zinc.

I don't smoke, I am diary free and just started to be gluten free too.I don't eat processed food and never did.

All this but I just don't feel right ;(

Only good thing is I am not loosing or gaining weight.

I am just confused with my results and worry that I may have thyroid cancer...


Denka, NHS only prescribes when vitamin/minerals are below range and even then a lot of GPs seem to think their patients should self supplement.

I think it is uncommon to have Hashimoto's without either TPOab or TgAb but I have also heard it happens and damage to the thyroid gland, consistent with Hashimoto's may be seen on an ultrasound scan.

Pointless to tell you not to worry about the prospect of thyCa but I can tell you that I had an aggressive type and am now in my 3rd year of remission.


Thank you for taking time to reply, my best friend has an aggressive form of thyroid cancer too so I sort of understand what you are going through. I wish you all the best and a smooth recovery.


Denka, I only mentioned it because I know it is stressful waiting until you can be told that there is no, or no longer, any cancer. My surgeon actually told me it was "the good cancer". No cancer is good, but most thyroid cancers are usually easily removed and don't require follow up chemotherapy.

The cancer itself caused no symptoms other than the size of the tumour obstructing my windpipe but Hashimoto's was very difficult. The hemilobectomy and completion thyroidectomy were complication free and since thyroidectomy and RAI I have no thyroid antibodies which is probably why I've not been bothered with Hashi symptoms since which is a huge plus.

Thank you for your good wishes, my recovery has been good since I was able to sort out my thyroid medication.


The FT3 test is a mess as Diogenes has said. It has a 50-60% variance against a known standard. I would suggest testing again with different test. The ultrasound is usually considered the gold standard to determine the physical condition of the thyroid but can suffer from the quality of the person doing the test. PR

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What test would you suggest?

TSh,FT3,FT4, PTO,TG and also TT3 and TT4 ?


The FT3 result is a little odd so I'm suggesting that you might want to get another one done to verify the result. PR


Have you had your iron levels checked?


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