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Has anyone purchased Thiroyd, Thyroid-S or T.R. T-Man from <redacted site>?

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Hi all, I'm a new member of this group - much appreciate the community! I've been hypo all my life and several years ago I started purchasing Thiroyd from Greater Pharma, self-dosing and doing extremely well on it.

I live in Los Angeles, California - and at some point my packages started arriving cut open with the Thiroyd removed by U.S. Customs. I couldn't find a way to keep purchasing at the time, and switched over to Natural Sources Raw Thyroid and Glandular OTC from Vitamin Shoppe. I thought I was doing well on it, but recently had a blood test that came back with a TSH of 140. Obviously, I completely freaked out and started desperately searching for ways to purchase NDT within the U.S.

I recently ordered Thiroyd from a highly rated seller on EBay but currently the package has been sitting at the LAX ISC for over a week and I have my doubts I'll receive it at this point. I also ordered Thyro Gold from the U.S. seller Tammy 5 days ago, which has yet to be shipped, unfortunately. I really just wanted something ASAP but ideally I'd love to go back on Thiroyd.

I just came across the website <redacted site>, which sells Thiroyd, Thyroid-S and T.R. T-Man. I messaged the seller and she said they can actually ship from INSIDE the U.S. within 2 days, so no worries about Customs seizing anything. Sounds great, but it's also an extra $45 for this service. I'm completely excited and willing to pay it, I've just lost alot of money in attempts to purchase NDT here and was wondering if anyone has purchased from this website with success - particularly in the U.S.?

Thanks so much for any feedback:)

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Please do not post names of suppliers.

25. Do not post advertisements, links or information of any sort whatsoever, on where or how to obtain UK prescription only medications without prescription. This includes online pharmacies who issue 'prescriptions' on the basis of the completion of a simple health questionnaire.


Surely anyone supplying within the USA would be breaking the law? Therefore liable to sudden disappearance when their existence becomes known to those such as the FDA.

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AliKarate in reply to helvella

Apologies, makes sense.

I believe the website/company is based in Canada and they may have an easier time getting DTS purchased abroad into the U.S., where it could then be mailed to customers with less scrutiny. We don't have too many options here, so need to get what we can!!

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to AliKarate

Your reason for asking is fully understood. :-)

And I wish you well in getting hold of what you need.

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AliKarate in reply to helvella

Thanks so much😌

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Wow. So it is nearly impossible to get the Thai NDT in the U.S. at this point. I guess I should make it very clear to the EBay seller's account I putchased it from that there is no way anyone can receive the package from him in the U.S.

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HipotiroidismoPaleo in reply to AliKarate

Where do they sell to? Could you send me some links? I still have no idea of any of them.

I have Hashimotos and I do get T3 in Sweden but NDT is a bit harder but I could get it legally fighting a bit but I am thinking of my family in Spain where neither T3 or NDT is legal unless you pay really expensive doctors that will tell you to buy it in Andorra.


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AliKarate in reply to HipotiroidismoPaleo

Hi Hipotiroidismo!! Wow, sorry to hear that so many people around the world have so much trouble getting NDT's. I can't believe they are not even legal in Spain. They are legal in the U.S. but most doctors won't prescribe them and they make you jump through all kinds of hoops to get even the smallest dosage.

I used to purchase Thiroyd directly from Thailand with no prescription, 1,000 60 mg pills for around $60, or so, if my memory serves me, but that was several years ago, before U.S. customs began confiscating my packages.

Since I recently discovered my TSH is 140 despite an OTC supplement I have been taking, I am only JUST on the hunt to find some legit websites that can actually get the Thai NDT's, which are really great stuff, on par with Armour, etc., to me in Los Angeles.

As the moderators here don't allow specific website postings, I'll PM you with any websites I hear of that are current and legit.

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Potter1522 in reply to AliKarate

Please send me the website for thyroid medication.

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Why are you purchasing meds online ? Just curious.

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to HMBradley53


Please see Helvella's response to the original post about not posting information about suppliers on the forum. Please send a private message to the member concerned if you want this information.

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HMBradley53 in reply to SeasideSusie

I appologise I only asked why she was doing it. I have meds ao I dont need to purchase any. Again im sorry

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to HMBradley53

Sorry, my mistake, I read "where" - should have gone to SpecSavers!

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AliKarate in reply to HMBradley53

Hi HM, yes, what helvella said! My PCPs have only been willing to prescribe levothyroxine - and the side effects for me are massive tiredness/brain fog. Also, I would rather just dose myself on NDT's according to how well I feel rather than submitting myself to blood test after blood test for month after month!

When I lived in France it was difficult to get thyroid s from Thailand it was usually stopped by the French Customs, instead I had it shipped to my friend in the UK. She then re-parceled it and it arrived easily without problems.

You can of course purchase Armour online from a US site but it is more expensive.

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I have a question I also live in the US and take Armour and before the nationwide shortage Nature and able to get both from pharmacy, what is different with the meds you are talking about? Is it a vitamin?

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AliKarate in reply to dbrowning02

Thiroyd, Thyroid-S and T.R. T-Man are all porcine NDT pills, very similar to Armour or Naturethroid - just made in Thailand, extremely affordable and available without prescription. I used to be able to purchase Thiroyd directly from Thailand with no problem but Customs started to confiscate all of the packages. I was doing so well on it, I am trying to find a way of purchasing it within the U..S. again.

I found a company who claims they can ship from inside the U.S., but it's a risk to send them cash, obv. If anyone has any information on any reputable Thiroyd websites or successful purchases within the U.S. please DM me:) Thanks so much!

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I am in US and have had really good results w BEEF desicated thyroid I buy easily online. My dr was surprised when I walked after a long absense and told him what Ihad been taking for over 1 year. I just had complete labs and tsh .041.

I take 1/2 of a 300mg, (cheaper that way) every night. It doesn't taste bad, just like dried beef.

I've had cancer, removed thyroid w radiation so this is all I get. Levo didn't work so I found this after a couple of other products that didn't quite work. The pure beef thyroid works very well for me. It is sold as a supplement.

I felt lousy on levo, my EX dr said it didn't matter and offered anxiety meds. This man is still the head of a state medical college run head, neck and throat cancer center. I drove several hundred miles to see him and he acted like he had all of the answers. He didn't want to listen after several visits so I didn't go back and was forced to self medicate.

I feel better than I have in years, they don't have all of the answers.

Message me for info on Thyrov....

Ellen Howard

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AliKarate in reply to Gimi

Thank-you so much Ellen:)!! (And for the PM as well:))

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