Thyroid-S availability in Europe?

I hope it's OK to post this question here. Please answer by PM only if you know anything.

I have been ordering Thyroid-S from a UK supplier to avoid problems with customs (intra-community shipment as opposed to shipments from Thailand). This seller used to ship Thyroid-S from the US but moved to the UK a couple of years ago. A few months ago, the website was disabled after being flagged by PayPal. It reappeared under a different name and continued to supply Thyroid-S disguised as something completely different. I received an email to this effect from the seller in question in late November. Now, that website seems disabled as well. Therefore, I am wondering if this seller has gone out of business altogether? That would be really problematic for me as I would then have to order NDT from Thailand, never knowing if I will receive the shipment or not. It would be much easier for me to order it from Europe, even if it's more expensive that way.

If anyone knows which seller I am referring to and what might have happened to him, please contact me by PM.


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  • There is a seller selling thyroid- s at vastly inflated prices on his own website, in smaller amounts in bags which can, and should, be avoided . I have bought a few times from <site identification removed>. The thing is , you have to check the site regular to see when they are there , as there is a purge every so often and they get taken off . I have bought from the Thailand based sellers there in the past and have always had my product, once so quick I thought they had got on a flight with it , but it had Thai post marks. If you get stuck , Canadian shopping site <site name removed> has a seller of 'Thiroyd' same stuff as thyroid s. There is also a bloke in Thailand with a site if you google hard enough., selling full bottles of 1000 but not as cheap as the UK <site identification removed> site , and a bit more expensive than the Canadian <site identification removed> site , but he sells both thyroid -s and thiroyd. Good luck.

    [ Edited by admin to remove site identification in line with our guidelines.

    Admins are no so stupid as to think that making the site identification a trivial "clue" actually conforms with the guidelines.

    Please do not make me waste more of my time editing your responses. ]

  • Thyroid S is NOT the same as Thiroyd.

  • Hi

    Could you PM me the quickest supplier? (I have stupidly allowed my supply of NDT to get low.)

  • To repeat what RedApple replied to you earlier today:

    Arnold_Layne, If you want members to share sources, please write a new post instead of tacking on to an old post.

  • Sobajoe,

    There are no over zealous administrators on here, in my experience. There is a very good reason for not giving out names of where we can buy meds.... i believe its because the site is visible to none members and there are many people who have an interest in making sure none of us can get our meds..... They would rather we all stay on Levothyroxine and are quite happy and willing to put our suppliers out of business. Usually by making it difficult for the suppliers to accept money.

    I just bought some ndt from Thailand, it arrived on Friday. The box had been opened by customs and then resealed. With a note on it to say it had been opened. There was £120 worth in the box but i still never got charged duty or anything.

    Buying prescription meds in the uk without a prescription, even if they are for yourself, is illegal although importing them for yourself is allowed.

    We have an excellent private messaging system on the forum and if you want to help people who are requesting site addresses, privately messaging them with your sources is always greatly appreciated.

    I am not a moderator and i do not personally know Helvella, but even if it was him who moderated your post , there was no need to call him a Nazi, he has helped an awful lot of people on this forum.

    Wouldnt imagine there is any need for you to leave the forum, but maybe tone it down a bit?


    Edited:: I see that the post to which i was replying has been deleted, so it makes my post look a bit silly. Not to worry, i'm happy to leave my post here!

    G .

  • It's much more liberal here than some other forums.

  • I live in France and Natural Thyroid is unavailable here. I buy my Thyroid S direct from Thailand they cost approx £80 for 1000 tablets. They also sell Thyroid. They usually take about 10 days to arrive.

  • I decided to try and reply to the message the seller referred to in my first post sent to existing clients a few months ago, informing us of the change of website...the message did not bounce back so I was hoping for a reply. It just arrived. They have closed their business down as they no longer felt comfortable running it. They claim the authorities are cracking down on a lot of people trying to supply supplements and health products that aren't necessarily licensed in the EU.

    Although I can understand their decision, I really hope they are wrong about this being the beginning of the end...given the outrages prices of prescription NDT, and all the problems reported with the only brands currently available in Belgium (Armour and Erfa), I feel NDT is my only option as I seem to do a lot better on it compared to synthetic T3 and T4 combos. At least Thai companies selling it will certainly continue to do so and, as others have pointed out, there are always ways of ordering it even if you're in Europe...

    But I have to admit I think it's a bad sign...

  • Hi. There must have been a recent purge on the site referred to above - I can't find anything there.

  • Arnold_Layne, If you want members to share sources, please write a new post instead of tacking on to an old post.

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