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NDT Thyroid S or Thiroyd

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I'm switching to NDT, but it's a bit of a leap of faith. I've seen there's Thyroid S and Thiroyd. Is one easier to judge doses with, or any problems with one or the other? Any advice would be helpful.

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here's a previous post on the subject (related posts are listed top right).


I hope it works for you.

Jane :D

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Courses for horses I'd say. ThyroidS is slow release I take it and find it excellent. Others here prefer thiroyd which I think has fewer fillers but I speak with no experience of it - I tried ThyroidS it suited me and I have kept with it.

This gives information about what is actually in them:


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I use Thyroid S. It's been good for me. At the time of my 'leap' I knew that there were more fillers in it than Thiroyd but all the reviews were good. I later read a few times about people questioning the consistency of manufacture of Thiroyd so just do your research. Moving from Levo to NDT was a life changer for me as I don't convert T4 to T3. Good luck!

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Thanks. How did you move over. Part Levo, part Thyroid S, it straight to Thyroid S. Straight onto full dose or start small and build up?

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I used the Thyroid patient advocacy guidelines reducing Levo by 25mcg and replacing with 1/4 grain NDT sticking to the time scale they suggested. At one point (1/2 grain) I had to split the dose or I felt odd but otherwise it just got better and better. Some people just switch but I think the T3 blast would have been too much for me. Also if it is no good you can quickly pull out.


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Print1972 in reply to TSH110

I've just switched over and feel a bit odd. Bit spaced out. Maybe it's the T3.

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TSH110 in reply to Print1972

Sounds like it could be. I had heart problems so had to be careful switching but my heart pains are much better now i. I felt spaced out and edgy when I took half a grain with 100 or 75mcg Levo so I took 1/4 am and 1/4 pm and felt ok again.

There's also TR man, but I know nothing about that. I tried Thiroyd and found it OK, but am now on T3 only.

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rfu would you please pm me for the supplier

Cheers Pp

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From what I have read Thiroyd NDT is not costed but Thiroyd S is with no other difference.

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