Which is better thiroyd or thyroid-s?

So its come to a point where I'm gonna have to self-medicate and get my own thyroid meds online and dose myself. I'm researching the best brand for best price and have stumbled upon thiroyd and thyroid-s anyone have experience with either and if so which is better? Or is there another brand that's just as good. Im currently on naturethroid so need something just as good or better

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  • I am happy with WP Thyroid, which works out about £10 a month for 1 grain a day.

    I had a horrible reaction to Thyro-Gold.

  • hi - please could you tell me which pharmacy you get your WP thyroid from? I've just been quoted £190 for Armour thyroid..seems crazy! Thanks!

  • Both thiroyd and thyroid S have their fans and both are equal to Naturethroid in strength in that they are also thyroid extracts. Some users swear that one or the other is stronger but that just proves that we are all individual and can react differently to the very same meds.

    They only come in 1 grain (60 mgs) strength. I have tried both and the thiroyd did better for me than the thyroid S. Thyroid S has a lot of additives in it. The thyroid S made me dizzy and light-headed after a few days so dropped that...lol. Thiroyd didn't make me dizzy but I just didn't feel 100% on it. I am now on WP by RLC Labs, the same mfg that makes Naturethroid. By the way, Naturethroid never suited me either.

    I think you can order a 'mix' order of a small quantity of thiroyd and thyroid S so you can try them out and see which one suits you.

    Just my opinion but I think the WP brand and NP by Acella are 'better' choices than Naturethroid. Naturethroid is very chalky (I take my thyroid meds sublingually). Some folks do well on Armour but it is getting ridiculously expensive and it has been bought out by another company. Armour users are holding their breath and keeping their fingers crossed that the new owners don't change the formulation.

  • I find that Thiroid works better for me than Thyroid-S.

  • I was doing OK on Armour but the price was prohibitime, so switched to Thyroid S. Thought I was ok but couldn't get on a high enough dose without palpitations. Have now switched to Thiroyd and am back on the same dose I was x on with Armour, this time without any problems. I do take mine twice a day. I have never been on any other NDT so have nothing to compare. I think , as stated before, different things will suit each of us. Good luck.

  • I thought you couldn't get wp without a script? I would love to have wp rather than any of them enlighten me if you can get it online and where

  • I take Thiroyd by greater Pharma and have done for four months. They have been great for me and a good price 35 pounds for 1000 tabs. I take 2.5 grains mostly but if I feel not as good some days I will up it to 3 grains. I buy them on <site deleted by admin>, well worth a try

  • Naturethroid is supposed to be the best now so my very good specialist tells me... buy at <online supplier>

    on the internet. Good luck.

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  • Actually ive heard wp is the best as it has the least fillers so you are saying you can get naturethroid online without a script

  • The best is the one that works best for you. There is no absolute best.

    Having a low number of ingredients doesn't help at all if one of them is a problem for you. It does, statistically, make it less likely that the product will contain a problem ingredient.

  • The best one is your own thyroid I agree, I have never felt 100% since I had mine removed. I have heard that now unless you have cancer of the thyroid they do not remove all of it any more only a partial removal.


    John C

  • HI I take armour 1 grain a day. Hmm I saw and endo many years ago and he words stuck in my head. I trust the Americans as they have good drug controls not as good as the Australians or the new zealanders. I do really trust the Thais,. The endo after he went through the list of things why I should not take Armour, he cannot trust the quality, its expensive and t4 is better. He last words were and it shocked me, what about cross infection and that did worry me. As I said I take armour as I feel lot better,but coming from Thailand that does worry me. I am tempted as this med is cheap but can you be sure of the quality... Now I am not saying don't take it, you have to do what you have to do or can afford. but its worrying for me.

    I would love to hear anybody elses views on this as i said the price is tempting.


    John c

  • Hi, I'm on naturethroid and used Thiroyd when my supply of NT dried up for a while. I have not tried Thyroid-S. My comparison between NT and Thiroyd is NT is much more potent. I had to take double Thyroid and came off when I was still going down. That said, Thiroyd is a fraction of the price. I feel safer and more stably dosed with NT but don't ask me to qualify that. Good luck :)

  • Thyroid-s did not work for me. Feel hypo even after 5 grains.

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