Any experiences on Dr. Lowe’s ThyroGold, Thyroid-S or Thiroyd from Thailand as opposed to prescription thyroid treatment?

The non-prescription desiccated thyroid products: Nutri Meds which is available in either porcine or bovine desiccated thyroid, and is far weaker, plus Dr. Lowe’s ThyroGold, which seems to be stronger and workable. Neither Thyroid-S or Thiroyd from Thailand are by prescription, and patients report them working quite well.

Would very much appreciate any comments/experience on these products, particularly if you have been able to compare to Levythyroxine/Armour/Any other NDT?


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  • Personally my body didn't like either of the Thailand products. Neither did it like levothyroxine. Erfa was o.k. but Naturethroid did suit and I felt well on it. I also feel well on T3 only.

  • Thank you shaws.

  • Hello

    I am also looking at Thyro Gold - researching everything - The only thing about this product is it seems rather expensive. Good Luck x

  • Hi sheenah, I think I'm about to purchase either Armour or Naturethroid online rather than investigate the others further.

  • Hello yes, one of our other contributors have gone for Naturethroid because it is hypoallerginic (Sorry about the spelling it is late). I don't know where you are buying from - I have no experience yet. <name of supplier> seems cheaper but as I say, no experience. Isn't it bad that we have to do this? Sleep well xx

  • I've been using Thyroid-S from thailand for about a year now and believe I am slowly finding a treatment that suits me. Levo did not. T3 added to NDT didn't suit me either.

    I found it necessary to boost my Adrenals and supplement my vits and mins before the NDT worked harmoniously with my body. And, indeed, before I could tolerate more than a grain. I am now up to 2.5 (recently).

    My biggest problem was insomnia. Thyroid-S appears to have helped significantly with that. It has not really helped with any of my other symptoms (lack of concentration/exhaustion, hair loss, weight gain). It is inexpensive and I buy it through eBay. There are 2 suppliers selling what seem to be identical product as 'research grade' NDT.

    I haven't seen a doctor about my thyroid condition since about 3 months before beginning NDT. I got fed up with being told 'it's your age' and 'go on a diet'. With a severely limited store of energy I have to choose my battles. And the NHS is not one I feel I am able to win.

    I hope you find this helpful

  • Thank you Humphrey, I'm about to purchase either Armour or Naturethroid online as I too have had the same battle with the NHS.

  • I found the Nutri meds supplement good, but Thiroyd didn't suit me. Now on a small amount of T3 only, plus occasional Nutri meds porcine if I need it. Note that I am not nearly as ill as most people on here and have more adrenal than Thyroid issues.

  • Hi Angel of the North, have you been on Nutri Adrenal Extra, and if so, has it been effective?

  • No, just plain Nutri Adrenal - didn't want the extra vitamins. I preferred the Nutri meds adrenal supplement, but changed when there was a time when no one would ship it to the UK. Both have definitely helped, but you don't always notice unless you stop taking them.

  • Hi Angel, have only just seen this, 3 years too late ;-). Every body who commented about nutri meds said they didn't help a jot. I think they helped a little but not as much as NDT has.

  • Sorry to hick-jack your thread but I am also very interested to hear people's comments on Thyro-Gold. Jax

  • I'm about to swap from x3 grains of Thiroyd to Thyroid S - any advice on swapping? Should I reduce the dose?


  • Hi Frustradedmum

    I would have thought they were enough alike not to need to alter the amount, though I'm hardly an expert.

    If you check here (control+F to search for Thyroid S and thiroyd, which is under Thyroid S ):

    Do you take the grains in one go, if so, probably better to split them.

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