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Thyroid-S or Thiroyd?

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Hi to all.

I have hypo. Until now I have taken Thyroid-S - I had a trial approach to Thiroyd before, but I felt hypothyroidism, so I returned to T-S. Recently, my supplier (I'm from Poland and I ordered from here) informed me that Thyroid-S was discontinued, so I decided on Thiroyd. I calculated the dose and started taking a similar one to T-S. Two weeks have passed and I have the impression that I fall into hypo (depressed mood, water retention).

Two questions for you:

1. Do you know anything about Thyroid -S?

2. Has anyone had similar feelings as Thiroyd? I wonder whether to try to increase the dose further.

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32 Replies
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I recently started on Thyroid-s and I'm doing well. My supplier told a different story. That thiroyd was discontinued and thyroid-s is still available. I will PM you my supplier.

Edit: Feb 2020 - my supplier is out of stock. I suspect that it is no longer being manufactured.

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HStinno in reply to rosetrees

Hi, would you be able to PM me your supplier if at all possible?

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Dscardino1236 in reply to rosetrees

Could you email me your supplier as well, I am in the United States and was getting it from Indonesia from a man named Peter, but I erased all of my emails unfortunately by accident and now I’ve lost his contact information. Are used to get it off of Amazon under these postcards but I’m not sure how to order it now. Thank you for your help. Denise

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Burdy3773 in reply to rosetrees

I am looking for a reputable supplier of Thyroid-S. Would you be willing to PM me the name of your supplier? It would be greatly appreciated.

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There have been a few recent posts about Thai NDT.

We already knew that TR has been discontinued.

Latest information is that the Thai government require NDT to be licensed and the manufacurers aren't willing. There has been talk of Thiroyd being discontinued so after whatever stocks are currently available there will be no more.

There has also been talk of Greater Pharma, who make Thiroyd, will only do a production run when there are enough orders.

As yet no-one seems to know exactly what is happening other than there has been no talk of Thyroid-S being discontinued.

Here are a couple of recent posts

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magdas in reply to SeasideSusie

Thank you. I haven't heard anything about Thiroyd. It's worrying what's going on ...

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I'm on thiroyd and fail to be optimal. So I had to add some levothyroxine. I no tried Thyroid-s but they are slightly different. Thiroyd content 35T4 and 8,31T3 and Thyroid-s 38T4 & 9,3T3.

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magdas in reply to hipolion

I react very badly to levothyroxine. I know that the hormone doses in T and S are different, but increasing the Thiroyd dose doesn't help.

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hipolion in reply to magdas

Why doesn't help? what symptoms do you have if you increase the dose ?

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magdas in reply to hipolion

Increasing the dose does nothing - I'm in hypo. I don't know why Thiroyd doesn't fit my body ...

I know whom you mean, I am ordering from the same seller.

He emailed me back in June to tell me Thyroid-S was being discontinued. I then contacted the manufacturer, Sriprasit, and they told me it was NOT being discontinued. It's still available from all suppliers I know of. I subsequently informed the seller in Poland and he said he was happy to hear it was a false alarm.

Is he still telling his customers that Thyroid-S is being discontinued?

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magdas in reply to

I contacted him yesterday and informed me that he has S. I ordered :)

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Lora7again in reply to

I used him for my Thyroid S ... he emailed me a picture of my parcel and it took about 10 days to get to the UK.

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magdas in reply to

Can you contact the producer of thyroid-s ?? Is production/will be resumed?

PS as regards your question about Thiroyd: I tried it, did not like it. It felt both weak and inconsistent at the same time...I'm not sure how to put it, but I feel much more stable on Thyroid-S. If Thyroid-S was to be discontinued, I am not sure what I'd do...!

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magdas in reply to

I know what you're talking about..

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Hi Magda, how are you? can you please email me your source for Thyroid S? Desperate here in Argentina. :)

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magdas in reply to Debon

Check private message :)

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kez01 in reply to magdas

Hi Magdas, if you could please advise your supplier as well I'd really appreciate it :)

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Sinead74 in reply to Debon

Hi there could you please send me your suppliers details for thyroid s.


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Muggy1948 in reply to Sinead74

Can you please send me the name of your supplier for thyroid s thank yo

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Peony57 in reply to Debon

Hi can you give me your supplier please

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I was told by my supplier, that Thiroyd is the one that has been discontinued, so have now started ordering Thyroid S again. I had no problems with it three years ago, but changed to Thiroyd due to it having less fillers.

in reply to Shubbaz

Were you able to get Thyroid-S recently? I have been unable to find it in stock anywhere.

in reply to

Most sellers seem to be out of stock at the moment as there has been a recent shortage of raw material due to a swine fever epidemic. Also, TS is no longer available in 1000 ct bottles but only 500 ct bottles (as well as 100 and 250 ct bottles). The price has soared, too: I used to pay ca 60 GBP for 1000 pills, and my supplier now charges 103 GBP for 500 pills. But he still has it in stock, and it seems every seller has increased the price just as much. I´ll PM you details.

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dylanmckay in reply to

I'm looking for a reliable vendor to try thyroid S too. I've been using nature thyroid for years but wanted to see if thyroid s is more effective.

in reply to dylanmckay

It seems all sellers of Thyroid-S are out of stock at the moment...there is plenty of Thyroid-S available in Thailand, but the stocks cannot be shipped abroad due to sellers offers a new NDT, Tru Thyroid, but due to restrictions can only ship one 800 ct bottle of 30 mg (1/2 grain) pills per customer ATM. I´ll PM you details.

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jconnor123 in reply to

did you try tru thyroid?

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magdas in reply to

did u try tru? how are you feeling?

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Pioterek in reply to

Please send me PM with the supplier for Thyroid S. Thank You

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Shubbaz in reply to

I have an order of Thyroid s coming. Takes about 21 days to get to Australia

One thing really worries me about this whole mess.

A few months ago, one of the few sellers of Thai NDT in Europe raised the price of Thyroid-S from ca 100€ for a 1000 ct bottle to 270€. Now, it seems he still has a few bottles in stock, but instead charges 410€ which is ridiculous...that is about the price of prescription NDT.

What worries me is that all sellers will use the fact that Thiroyd and TR have been discontinued to increase the price of Thyroid-S in the future (I have no idea if the new drug, Tru Thyroid, will work out or not...that remains to be seen after enough patients have tried it).

But, the situation is worrying to say the least. No prescription brands of NDT working according to many users, plus they are horribly expensive, two Thai brands discontinued in the past year, and the price of Thyroid-S it´s currently unavailable everywhere and nobody knows when or if it will be available again.

Should those of us on NDT consider switching to a synthetic T3/T4 combo just as a precautionary measure...??? Apart from the fact that some people seem to do better on NDT compared to synthetic drugs, is there any medical reason why T3 + T4 would not work as well in patients with impaired T4 to T3 conversion...?

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