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Blood test result


I went back to my doctor and was sent for blood test-

A few have come back as abnormal, and I’m waiting to see if I get a phone call from my surgery maybe tomorrow. Just wondering if anyone knows what these mean.

Neutrophil Count 13.8 10*9/L (Normal - 1.8-7.5)

Haematorcrit 0.443 (Normal - 0.350-0.440)

Haemoglobin estimation 154g/L (Normal 118-148)

Total white cell count 16.8 10*9/L (Normal 3.9-11.1)

Serum Folate 4.3 (Normal >5.4)

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Hi Chloecaff.

Two things jump out, high neutraphils and high white blood cells seems to be a signal your body is fighting off something / a possible infection.

How’s your digestion?

Have you tested for H Pylori before?

Everything’s been fine, I’ve not felt I’ll, just tired and occasional tension headaches,

No I’ve never heard of H Pylori before ?

Your folate is much too low - do you know what your B12 level was? Deficiencies in both often go together (but not always). That in itself might be causing the tiredness, but as wrestlehealth says, high white cell counts are indicative of infection or potentially a blood disorder.

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My B12 was 325ng/L (Normal 181-910)

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B12 kept above 500 ideally in some countries.

Just been reading your older posts and see you’re on 50mcg levothyroxine. That won’t be nearly enough, which is probably the cause of low vits and minerals. When you’re undermedicated, your gut doesn’t work as well, which means you don’t absorb nutrients as well. Many GPs sadly don’t understand hypothyroidism at all and have no idea about the knock on effects of treating the numbers instead of the symptoms.

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