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Lethargic but all normal results


Hi everyone, newbie here.

Been reading a lot of other posts, learned enough to know that normal ranges aren't the same as optimal, and that a number of important markers that were not included in my test. I'm hoping I could get some advice as to my readings, and whether or not I should pursue further testing.

I'm finding myself very tired regardless of sleep or exercise. I'm female, almost 30, 5'2, 110lb and stable in weight. At first I thought it might be a B12 deficiency, since I had a series of mouth ulcers that lasted about a month in total. I also get lightheaded periodically. My mom had Graves, but these readings seem to suggest I lean towards the opposite.

Here are my readings of interest and reference ranges:

TSH: 3.88 mIU/L [0.27–4.2]

Free Thyroxine: 15.8 pmol/L [12–22]

Plasma Vitamin B12: 498 pg/mL [197–771]

Serum folate: 11.3 ng/mL [2.9–26.8]

Serum iron: 30.9 umol/L [6.6-26]

T.I.B.C 52 umol/L [41–77]

Ferritin: not measured

Thank you so much for your help!

[Edit] I should mention these were taken in the morning, but I was not told to fast, so had breakfast about an hour before the test.

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Youtube see iodine patch test. and then visit Dr Brownstein on youtube a top man on

iodine and thyroid issues.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to porter5

As I have posted numerous times, the iodine patch test has been thoroughly discredited.

Far too many factors affect the rate at which the brown colour disappears - including height above sea-level!

fishii in reply to helvella

Thanks for the confirmation :)

If you had the test again fasting you may find that your TSH would be over range; however as your T4 is still within range your TSH would need to be over 10 for a diagnosis. In many countries over 3 is enough so I would say you are hypothyroid.

I would get your ferritin and vitamin d checked first. From experience ferritin below 50 can cause very severe symptoms incl feeling v run down and fatigued and dizziness. Low vit d also causes symptoms similar to hypo. Hypo and low vits often go hand in hand.

Your GP is unlikely to want to retest your thyroid soon as they will see this as perfectly normal so personally I would pay to retest every couple of months but that if course depends on what you can afford so you may want to leave it longer than this.

Once your TSH is either over 10 or your T4 under range and TSH over range you can give the results to your GP to ask for a diagnosis. As a guide (and everyone is different) this took me 6 months from similar results to yours.

Bare in mind that I also have relatives with Graves (2 maternal first cousins and a maternal aunt) and I started out as hypo and then developed Graves’ disease.

Good luck 😊

fishii in reply to MiniMum97

Thank you so much for sharing your experience! So helpful to hear from someone who has gone through the same thing. I'll definitely get Iron and Vit D tested. Did some more digging and found my results from last year. Ferritin was at 49 and TSH was sitting at the same level. I'm hoping that it's that Ferritin was not quite high enough for thyroid hormones to work fully!

I'd ask GP what he is going to do about high iron. High iron is dangerous.

I was wondering about that as well, but GP says nothing to worry about. I wonder if it has to do with my breakfast porridge, which contains less absorbable iron, right before the test. Hopefully with the re-test we'll have a better idea (with Ferritin this time). Thanks for flagging!

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