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More lab results! Still normal

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Hello kind souls,

When I got results from the NHS, I got a lot of helpful responses here. Thought it would be worth getting a second opinion on these readings as well. Went private, so got all the necessary readings this time. Reference ranges were same for both if previous reading included.

TSH : 3.00 mIU/L [0.27–4.2] (3.88 mIU/L last month)

Free T4 : 16.5 pmol/L [12–22] (15.8 pmol/L last month)

Free T3 : 4.4 pmol/L [3.1–6.8]

Thyroglobulin Antibody : <10.0 IU/mL [0–115]

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies : <9.0 IU/mL [0–34]

Active Vitamin B12 : 75 pmol/L [25.1–165.0]

Folate (serum) : 11.2 ug/L [>2.9] (same last month)

Vitamin D : 23 nmol/L [50–200]*

CRP : <0.3 mg/L [0.0–5.0]

Ferritin : 64 ug/L [13–150]

Recommendation is to take Vitamin D supplements. I did spend a few days in the sun prior to the test, maybe that contributed to the change in TSH and Free T4.

Hopeful things will improve with your generous help. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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See your GP. Your vitamin D is deficient and need prescribing high loading dose of vitamin D

Low vitamin D is often linked to being hypothyroid

Local CCG guidelines

I get the 3000 pump spray from Holland and Barrett and it helps keep my Vit D near to normalise

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to ExhaustedJane

But as fishii is actually deficient she should see GP and get loading dose of vitamin D prescribed

Once level is improved, she will need to self supplement to maintain levels

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fishii in reply to SlowDragon

Thanks for your help! Hopefully can get a GP appointment some time this year ;) In your opinion, should I also look into increasing iron levels? I remember reading something about >70 being optimal, I'm pretty near it!

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to fishii

Ferritin is borderline

Eating liver or liver pate once a week should help improve, or other iron rich foods.

B12 is also borderline. Active B12 Under 70 is considered suspicious

Consider full retesting once you finish loading doses of vitamin D

Once you Improve level, very likely you will need on going maintenance dose to keep it there. Retesting twice yearly via

Government recommends everyone supplement October to April

Also read up on importance of magnesium and vitamin K2 Mk7 supplements when taking vitamin D

Do NOT supplement any vitamin K if you take any blood thinning medication including aspirin

Vitamin C and bones

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fishii in reply to SlowDragon

Thank you so much for the wealth of information! So very helpful.

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fishii in reply to ExhaustedJane

Thank you! I'll make sure to go there once I'm at the maintenance stage.

T3, T4, B12, folate and Ferritin could be higher. TSH could be lower. I think you are slightly undermedicated. Are you on Levothyroxine? What dose?

I still felt rather unwell when my TSH was just under 3. It was a miracle I got an increase of Levo. But "In range" is not the same as optimal.

As already said, your D3 levels are dire and therefore the doctor must provide supplements. I had mine tested privately because the surgery wouldn't test for it, but it was only a bit low so they weren't obliged to treat.

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fishii in reply to

Thanks for your help! I've never been diagnosed for any thyroid issues, was just investigating because my mom had Graves, so no medications! No supplements either, so will probably get some Vitamin D. Will try and see if I can get an appointment with GP. Wonder if I should get supplements for iron as well? I remember reading >70 is best for thyroid function...

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