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Just had T3 level tested by NHS

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Just to update members since my last post two months ago, I went for my blood test this week and have had T3 level tested on the NHS.

I know others have had the request denied, so just wanted to say I noticed my Gp had put on the form "T3 as previously advised by endocrinologist" so perhaps this made a difference (I'd seen the endo privately a year ago when Gp had refused to increase my levo once 'in range', despite me feeling like death warmed up!).

I'm now on 125mcg levothyroxine as well as B12, B complex, Vit D3+K2, Magnesium & Vit C and am finally feeling 'alive' again. Latest T3 5.7 (3.5-6.5) T4 19.4 (10-21) TSH 0.08

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shaws profile image

The most important point you state:-

"am finally feeling 'alive' again"

is the best way to know if your dose is optimun.

Your results are good too but how 'we feel' is the most important. :)

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SunsetLady in reply to shaws

Yes, defiantly. I noticed a significant difference exactly six weeks after the dose increase. And fortunately my Gp has stopped worrying about TSH levels that are below range. Progress at last!

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shawsAdministrator in reply to SunsetLady

Definitely progress in that GP is happy you are feeling better rather than him/her fixed upon a TSH result and adjusting meds.

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jgelliss in reply to shaws

Hello Shaws ,

Great Advice . I think that what most thyroid patients seem to miss out on and it's not of their fault by any means is that cellular symptoms are more Telling than Serum which Dr's love to make us believe is BE ALL . That's why Journaling Symptoms is so very Important . And **Trusting** oneself .

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Great to hear you feel so much better .....and GP not freaked by low TSH

You really want to test vitamin D once a year when supplementing just to check levels


Thanks SlowDragon, will do that.

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