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Medicheck results - advice please?

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I’ve just had bloods done with medicheck as I wanted to get a free T3 result as that hadn’t been checked before. Those results look fine to me(?), although I’m assuming with my TSH result I’m under-medicated, currently on 75mcg? Results are below.

THS 4.69 (0.27-4.20)

Free Thyroxine 18.800 (12.00-22.00)

Free T3 4.39 (3.10 - 6.80)

Thyroglobulin Antibody 167.00 (0.00-115)

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies 329 (0.00-34.00)

I’m currently on 1000mg theiCal-D3 and my Vit D level is slowly climbing after being below 20 when I was first diagnosed.

Active B12 - 121 (25.10-165.00)

Folate (Serum) 6.07 (2.91-50.00)

25 OH Vit D 48.8 (50.00-200.00)

What I wasn’t expecting was my high Ferritin level, and wondered if this could be connected to my thyroid at all? Medichecks have suggested an iron deficiency check, but just wondered if there was anything else I should be asking about when I see my GP.

CRP - High Sensitivity - 1.57 (0.00-5.00)

Ferritin 238 (13.00-150.00)

Many thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions.


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It's not so much that you're under-medicated, it's that you aren't converting very well. So, your FT3 is too low.

Did your doctor test your calcium before prescribing theiCal-D3? It's rather doubtful that you need extra calcium, and calcium supplements are a very good thing to take. Taking vit D increases absorption of calcium from food, and for that reason, you should be taking vit K2 - MK7 with it, which will make sure that extra calcium goes into the teeth and bones and doesn't build up in the soft tissues, causing things like heart attacks and kidney stones. You should also be taking magnesium. :)

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maddiemoon in reply to greygoose

Thanks for the reply. What sort of number should the FT3 be then? What are the options if you’re not converting properly? My doctor did test for calcium but I don't have those results. Are you saying I might be better on a different brand of Vit D? I’ve never heard of vit K2 - MK7, but will look into that and the magnesium - thank you so much for your help.

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greygoose in reply to maddiemoon

If you were converting properly, your FT3 would be up around 5/5.5.

Unless you are desperately low on calcium, yes, you would be better on a different brand of Vit D. You can find some brands of vit D capsules/sprays that already contain vit K2 - MK7. :)

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Your high antibodies confirm you have Hashimoto's

Have you had coeliac blood test yet? Or arr you already on strictly gluten free diet or considered trying it

Vitamin D is too low. Dose needs increasing. Aiming to improve to around 100nmol.

With Hashimoto's Vitamin D mouth spray by Better You is good as avoids poor gut function. Suggest you perhaps supplement 2000-3000iu for 2-3 months and retest. It's trial and error what dose each person needs.

Once you Improve level, very likely you will need on going maintenance dose to keep it there.

Retesting twice yearly via

Also read up on importance of magnesium and vitamin K2 Mk7 supplements when taking vitamin D

As greygoose says, unless calcium was tested and low, it naturally rises when improving vitamin D

Folate is low. A good quality daily vitamin B complex, one with folate in not folic acid may be beneficial

If you are taking vitamin B complex, or any supplements containing biotin, remember to stop these 3-5 days before any blood tests, as biotin can falsely affect test results

Official NHS guidelines saying TSH should be between 0.2 and 2.0 when on Levothyroxine

(Many of us need TSH nearer 0.2 than 2.0 to feel well)

See box

Thyroxine replacement in primary hypothyroidism

All thyroid tests should ideally be done as early as possible in morning and fasting. When on Levothyroxine, take last dose 24 hours prior to test, and take next dose straight after test. This gives highest TSH, lowest FT4 and most consistent results. (Patient to patient tip, GP will be unaware)

Is this how you did the test?

Thanks Slow Dragon. Yes, test was done before taking morning thyroxine dose. Thanks for the links, lots of reading here, will have a look later. I've not had coeliac test, but will ask for one and looks like gluten free is the way to go,, although that seems huge to me at the moment! Such a lot of good advice, I will bring these points up with my GP when I see him, and look at the supplements you've suggested as well. Thanks again.

Hi ferritin could be inflamation.

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maddiemoon in reply to

Thanks. I'll get it checked out with my GP.

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Just read your post from today

Forgot on here to mention high ferritin result

Your GP should do full iron panel to see if only ferritin is high, or iron is too

Hemochromatosis is much more common than realised. Can be a hidden issue with Hashimoto's

Any Celtic heritage?


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