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1st NDT results - central, adrenal & absorption issues?


Hullo to all you wonderfully helpful people!

So, I’ve been on Thiroyd NDT 9 weeks now & not tried any other treatments before as it looks like I have Central Hypothyroidism & have been dismissed by the NHS for almost 3 years now.....as my TSH has always been fine, except for 1 hyperthyroid blip last Oct. I’m due to see an NHS Endo next Wednesday (after losing confidence in my private Endo), so I’m trying to get my facts straight before potentially needing to argue with them!!

I’m feeling more energised & the brain fog is slightly less, but my pain levels are seeming worse.

I’m currently feeling slightly more hyper than hypo (can’t stay still, jumping & jittery, anxiety higher, but getting SO much more done with increased energy & no depression.......it may be that I’m just not used to having energy!!!), but I upped my NDT to 2 & half (from 2 & 1/4) four days before I took these bloods. So that’s my first question.....

1) Is upping meds 4 days before a test too early to show on bloods? Am I now overmedicated, looking at these results, if it wouldn’t show?

2) I thought T4 was supposed to be suppressed on NDT? Does the fact that mine has risen from being low before treatment & now sitting in high top half indicate an absorption problem?

3) I did the Dr Wilson Adrenal Fatigue test & scored 171 (136+ is possible severe adrenal fatigue). What can I do to help them? I’m getting so confused by conflicting advise & the millions of supplement options!!

Could my adrenals be the cause of the body wide constant pain? As that is not getting better. Or could it be thyroid & just take time to heal?

4) any advice on further tests I should ask the endo for with the Central issue?

My locum GP ran tests for FSH,LH, prolactin & oestrdiol. All apparently normal, but I’m struggling to find optimal levels to double check this.

I think I need an MRI to check for any potential tumours causing issues with my pituitary or hypothalamus?

Although a possible cause is head trauma & I’ve had concussion a good few times & a very bad whiplash in 1998!

5) What is optimal ferritin & folate levels?

I’m taking Thorne Basic B & will stop the Jarrow B12 now I’m over on that level.

I was trying to take Spatone & Vit C in the afternoon on an empty stomach.....but I keep forgetting, & do tend to nibble all day long. I’m a natural grazer.......so found it easier to take the whole NDT dose on waking with no side effects.

Sorry for the deluge of questions! I’m feel like each time I start to feel in control, I learn about a whole new complicated side line, like adrenals & just want to hide & cry!!!

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As an NDT taker for several years I'd be happy with those readings. I've only looked at your thyroid Ines as on my phone and print a bit small but does your doctor know you are taking NDT?

When taking NDT results look very different and are read differently.

So TSH should be suppressed which it is. FT4 can reduced but FT3 should be high in the range but not over so best to keep an eye on that.

How long after taking your NDT did you have your bloods taken? When on any form of T3 then bloods should be take 12 hours after you took your medication so if if was earlier than that then your FT3 may have gone too high if you had tested at the correct time so as I said earlier keep an eye on that.

How are you feeling? just reread you post and where you have confused FT4 with TSH. If your FT4 has risen from previously then your body isn't asking it to convert to more T3 as it already had enough but again another pointer that your FT3 could be over range if tested 12 hours after taking medication so if the slightly over medicated feel doesn't settle down soon then I would drop by a quarter and retest in 6 weeks to see where you are after addressing the timing issue as well.

Thanks for replying.

I’m now taking the NDT all in 1 go on waking, so there was almost 24 hours between last dose & testing.

On my last test in July (couple of weeks before starting NDT) my T4 was low at 10.8 (12-22), T3 only just in range & TSH 0.801 (0.27-4.20)........hence suspecting Central Hypo.

From all my reading I was expecting my TSH to be suppressed, along with T4.......so was surprised when it has risen & not sure if it’s relevant or not?!?

shawsAdministrator in reply to Rainbownut

As the blood tests were introduced along with levo only, if we take or add any other hormones the results will differ. It is how you feel on particular doses which is the best way to judge if your dose is optimum.

I see where you are coming from but you could also been undermedicated. It is also said that once on meds TSH is meaningless so how you are feeling. becomes more important but sadly doctors seem to just rely on lab figures.

FT4 falls but won't ever be suppressed

Would I be undermedicated when my T3 has risen so nicely?

HughH in reply to Rainbownut

T3 is the active thyroid hormone which controls nearly every cell in the body. T4 is a storage hormone which needs converted to T3 to become active. I would therefore not be concerned about the T4 value on the blood test.

To tell if you are over or undermedicated you should judge by the symptoms.

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