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Is there a prescrition drug for help with anxiety stress, & adrenal issues that will be ok with NDT & T3?


Hi Everyone. I have been on Thiroyd for some time but not good. So wanted to explore the T3 on its own, but feeling terrible and got myself in a pickle for I'm really undermedicated now. Currenty introducing NDT back into the mix. But I don't have any adrenal support for my GP said she wouldn't give me any, if at all, until I'd seen an Endo which isn't until July 4 and then might not get anything. Can anyone help with this question. Many thanks in anticipation.

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Are you doing blood tests to monitor how you’re doing with the reintroduction of NDT? Because the anxiety and stressy feelings will almost certainly be due to undermedication. An antidepressant will likely confuse the issue still further. Vitamin C is supposed to be good for the adrenals.

I had a look through older posts of yours before replying and couldn’t spot that you’d ever had Vit B12, ferritin, folate and Vit D tested - have you? I’m wondering in particular whether you’re low in iron, as that can often make it tricky when taking T3 ( not sure why it does, just something I’ve observed here over the years).

princess20 in reply to Jazzw

Hi. Thanks very much for replying. I've had all of what you mention tested but a while ago now and I'm due for another blood test on 28 June with everything being tested but have a Dr's appt next week. I just wanted to know if there was anything short term I could take, but I know like you said it would confuse the issue further. Vitamin C here I come! Thanks again.

I have very low cortisol and adrenal insufficiency i dont have addisons but my results are bad, all my endo offered was steroids which are not easy to get off once started and will most likely stop adrenals trying entirely. My experience (and i have a good endo) if you dont have cushings or addisons they dont know what to do. My low cortisol makes me anxious, i get a jittery feeling, i am t3 only and taking t3 on sub optimal adrenals does not feel good unless i rest all day. I can not tolerate any t4 so ndt a no for me. There are no easy answers other than to reduce stress, rest more, avoid stimulants including tea & coffee, avoid exercise, adrenal cocktail vit c, salt and cream of tartar xx

princess20 in reply to endomad

I love your post name - that's how I feel! It's so difficult to find a balance and feeling good with it. I experimented and suffering for it now. At least I won't be trying that stunt again any time soon.

All that info you've given me is briliant and so helpful. I like lots of salt and vit C I can take more of. How wonderful, an Adrenal cocktail eh and cream of tartar - I use that when I'm baking - how would I take it all? Can I take it at same time as meds. How did you develop this potion?xx

endomad in reply to princess20

half teaspoon salt, same cream tartar (potassium) water and i use fresh lemon juice for vit c, i drink morning and lunch. Adrenals love salt but needs to be balanced by potassium and vit c supports. I didnt develop it, its been going years, thank god for those that came before us so we get the short cuts :) iv tried macca, ashwanga etc all promise to balance hormones and cortisol, didnt work for me. Eventually mine will get stronger and recoup, i think steroids are just another drug with nasty side effects and will wreck adrenals but if i get any worse i may not have an option, for now im taking care of myself xxx

princess20 in reply to endomad

I've tried all those herbs and other supports and they don't work for me either. Thanks again. And stay well. Xx

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