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Lab results


Hello not been feeling great for the past few months but my insomnia is back so not sure if it’s the old thyroid or insomnia to blame

TSH 0.005 Range 0.27-4.20

T4Total 88.9 66-181

free T4 14.80 12.0-22.0

Free T3 5.79 3.1 -6.8

anti-thyroidperoxinase abs 19.9 <34

Anti-thyroglobin abs 11 <115

Vitamin d 66

Hs-CRP 1.96 <5.0

Ferritin 129 13-150

Vitamin b12 806 Too high

Serum folate 12.80 8.93-60


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I know everyone is different but if they were my results I wouldn't be happy with my TSH 0.005 Range 0.27-4.20 if I had insomnia. I can see your FT3 is still in range though. If they were my results and I had symptoms I would slightly reduce my medication and see if it helped or not. I would probably try a 12.5mcg reduction for 6 weeks.

Vitamin D is said to be best mid-range but you don't give a range or the unit of measurement so you'll have to check your lab results. Have you also checked calcium levels? If female and at or near menopausal stage in life then ensure you have a calcium rich diet too.

One more thought is that your B12 is high according to the comment although you don't give a lab range. Are you supplementing? I'm wondering whether you are taking a B complex to keep all the B's in balance? Magnesium might help with sleep. Have you checked magnesium levels?

mistydog in reply to Nanaedake

B12 cannot be too high as we excrete excess.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to mistydog

B12 can be too high - if not due to supplementing it can indicate serious disease.

mistydog in reply to helvella

Fair enough, but I thought 800 ish was optimal anyway

Maybe you are suffering from too high or too low a level of something but I thought I would mention something that was useful to me last night, following the previous night with no sleep at all.

I remembered hearing of relaxation music. 432hz specifically.

Last night i fell asleep early as no sleep the night before. About 9pm but at about 10.30pm I was wide awake. I thought it was going to be another sleepiness night. But I set a relaxation tape at 432hz going on my tab and after about 15 minutes I felt ok to switch it off. I slept through till about 5am. Quite good for me really.

It's just something that you might find useful. There are loads of these on YouTube.

I have a google home mini speaker. I can ask it to play relaxing music (I like the peaceful guitar music). It will play it until I tell it to stop. That helps me to relax. The stormy rain music (it’s just rain and thunderstorms) is relaxing too if you’re all wrapped up in a duvet. I don’t have it very loud.

I would find sorting stuff on utube late in the evening too much hassle and would stress me out. (Obviously not a techy person).

Plus a magnesium lotion with lavender and chamomile (from Better You) helps me to sleep better too.

Interesting you mentioned the rain music. I tried that last night before changing back to the 432hz cos it wasn't sending me off. But whatever works is good anyway.

A couple of things I forgot to mention is that I also took a couple of

Ashwaganda capsules both nights. It's a natural adaptogen.

Something else is that melatonin levels have to be right. 2 humble pistachio nuts apparently provide the daily requirement.

I agree that a slight lowering of the dose would be helpful. Maybe you will feel better with a few points lower. Some people wil skip one half of their dose once per week. What does your doc suggest?

I'm just going to mention this regarding insomnia & B12 - maybe try a different form of B12 - Adenosyl and/or Hydroxy.

My blood B12 levels were really high also. Of course drs. said "stop taking B12" - but I wanted to know WHY it was so high and why I was still having low B12 symptoms, was it not getting into my tissues? etc.

also I would get a bit of Methyl B12 in a shot in combination with other things, and at times they offered an extra B12 "booster" - when I got the boosters, I couldn't sleep.

Long story short, I tried an Adenosyl/Hydroxy B12 form and while I haven't had B12 tested since, and I don't fully understand the mechanism - I feel better and I even take it before bed and I sleep well.

jgelliss in reply to sarosent


Thank you for sharing this Great Information . I was Not aware that there was other forms of B-12 . I don't think I'm absorbing my B-12 . Though it's high . My Dr asks me if I'm taking B-12 ? I will try now the Adenosyl/Hydroxy B12 .

sarosent in reply to jgelliss

I hope it helps! This is the one I take, don't know if they ship to U.K.

jgelliss in reply to sarosent


It's cute I just ordered it from pure Formula in a capsule form . Is the liquid form better ?

sarosent in reply to jgelliss

Actually I take both - I have absorption issues so I can't say for sure but think liquids are better for me. However the liquid seems expensive, I was going through a bottle a month, so I take capsule in a.m. and liquid at night or if I feel anxiety/bad mood.

Tootired, hope you feel better!

jgelliss in reply to sarosent

Thank You Very Much For your Informative Reply .

Thanks for all the helpful replies, yes I take an oral spray of b12 :4 sprays as I’ve always been low . 3 weeks ago I started taking magnesium, b6, selenium with vitamin a, c & e, and nac, I’ve always supplemented with iron , vitamin d and b12.

I got my labs tested through blue horizon as the drs aren’t checking everything, a few months ago I asked to get my blood checked to see if I’m peri-menopausal but they didn’t bother!

I self medicate with 4 grains ndt, a few months ago I changed supplier and reduced my dose as I used to take 4 1/2 grains

Ta much

If you are taking NDT then TSH is irrelevant but you didn't give that info in your post. You need to judge according to your FT3 levels and symptoms when taking NDT. As you have insomnia I would reduce dose slightly to see if it helps as suggested. if you are supplementing B12 then keep the B's in balance. Methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin are available in the UK.

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