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What do I need to ask my GP for full blood test


I was newly diagnosed in January this year with Thyroid peroxidase antibody level

109IU/mL <60.00 IU/mL which I believe means I am Hashimoto's!

However my Plasma TSH level was not high enough to be medicated

4.38 mU/L 0.30-4.20mU/L

I posted my January blood results previously.

I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow and will be asking for a further full blood test to be carried out. I will ask for the full range of blood tests again as previously.

However, please note I am not on levo or any thyroid medication! So should I also ask for FT4 and FT3 to be tested or is this only necessary when taking thyroid medication? Also should I ask for both TPA and TG antibodies to be tested since I already tested positive to TPA?

I am taking various supplements at the moment - InvitaD3 Colecalciferol 1600 IU daily presecribed by the GP for 6 months since I was found to be deficient. I have added Vitamin K2 Mk-7, Magnesium Citrate and Selenium.

I would be very grateful for your advice as to what to ask my GP to test!

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NHS probably won't test free t3 (but may test free T4) even if GP asks for them. To really know what is going on with your thyroid you need all three tests (plus TPO and TG antibodies) as TSH test can't pick up central/secondary hypothyroidism and you need to know antibodies to see if you have autoimmune thyroid disease (which causes results to fluctuate). Probably have to get private tests as NHS usually won't do them. If you have positive TPO antibodies, you have autoimmune thyroid disease and should be prescribed thyroxine if you have symptoms and TSH is over 4. Ask for a trial.

Many thanks for your reply which is much appreciated. I will ask her to arrange for testing for both antibodies and also FT4 and FT3 and see what comes back from the lab.

I'm a bit scared of asking for a trial of thyroixine as apart from some brain fog and occasional upper leg aches I feel quite active and well for my age. But I will wait for my results in any case.

Might be worth getting B12, folate and vitamin D tested, too, then - B12 and folate for the brain fog and vit D for the aches and pains.

Hi Katwin, you are me just a few months ago and I fully sympathise with your situation. I have Hashi's but had to diagnose that myself with a full thyroid panel from Medichecks. Since my TSH wasn't high enough to justify meds I was told by both GP and endo that my symptoms were absolutely nothing to do with my thyroid - I think there is an endo script that they all read from! Anyway, went to a private endo who ordered more NHS tests and 'luckily' I scored a TSH of 6.3 so I finally reached their target and have just started on 25mcg Teva brand levothyroxine. The top tip I keep reading is to have your bloods taken as early as possible as this is when your TSH is highest, and this way you may be able to 'game' the system and get meds. As with most on this forum, I go by symptoms and T4/T3 levels both of which I can get on the NHS, and not TSH. I am considering getting another private thyroid panel (the cheaper one) so I can keep track of the anti-bodies and free T3.

In the Dr Kharrazian book 'Why do I still have thyroid symptoms' there is a table showing an monthly TSH for a Hashi's person and it can fluctate from 0.08 to 8.7 (in the example), so take some comfort that it is normal for your TSH to be all over the place.

Are you following all the usual advice about diet and supplements?

Good luck x

katwin in reply to Hashi-hacker

Thank you for your reply Lindsay. My GP has arranged for a full blood test including TSH, FT4/FT3, antibodies as well as all the usual vitamins and minerals. I think its more or less complete what she is asking to be tested. Will get tested around 8am tomorrow morning on an empty stomach and will post my results when I get them back at the surgery and the GP has looked first!!

I am taking vitamins D3 and K2 Mk7, magnesium and selenium. I was deficient in D3 so I'll see if there is an improvement.

She accepts that my symptoms are to do with my thyroid Hashi's..brain fog, hoarse voice, upper leg aches, tiredness and seems to be sympathetic. And will put me on trial dose of thyroixine when my results come back.

Hashi-hacker in reply to katwin

Good luck! Definitely post your results, there are some wise and experienced folk that will help you interpret them.


katwin in reply to Hashi-hacker

Yes I will do that when I get the lab results.

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