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Thyroid full blood test

Advice please

Vitamin D 17nmol/L

Serum alkaline phosphatase level 112 iu/L (40-130)

Serum inorganic phosphate level 0.95 nmol/L (0.8-1.45)

Serum albumin level 41 g/L

Calcium adjusted level 2.27 nmol/l (2.2-2.6) Calcium result adjusted for albumin concentration.

Serum creating kinase level 72 iu/L (0-145)

Thyroid function test/Serum tsh level 0.84 min/L (0.3-5.5)

Think I have posted everything which I would apprciate advice about

On vitamin D invita D3 25.000/ML oral 1ML AM 2 ampoules once a week for six weeks then retest was told by doctor what to take. Is this enough.

Thanks for help

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Your doctor is good for that vit d dosage. That's what I had to also do when I was this deficient. Do you have b12, ferritin and folate results? They may be in range but not optimal for a thyroid patient.

And did they do FT3 and FT4? Your TSH is good, but FT3 and FT4 give us a better picture of how the hormone is being absorbed and converted in your body.


Just as a note, make sure to get lots of sunlight to help boost your vit d also, if we were going into winter that dose of vit D may in fact not be enough. (I went from optimal vit D levels to deficient over last winter while on a dose of 20,000 per week).


Thank you dang, have just booked a holiday to the sun leaving in about 10 days to try and get some sun. It just says no biochemical evidence of primary thyroid disease. If on T4 the tsh suggests adequate treatment. If the patient is on anti thyroid drugs or there is a suspicion of pituitary disease further tests may be required. Cannot see B12 on the printout.


Ah ok, so they must have tested only your TSH. Yes that line basically means that if the patient isn't on medication the reading is "good" (no thyroid problems) and if the patient is on levothyroxine then the medication is "adequate". However it's always best to test the FT4 and FT3. TSH tests often fail us as patients, since not everyone responds perfectly to levothyroxine. If you find yourself to be symptomatic at this dose then it would be a good idea to ask your doctor to test those other parameters too.

It's possible they didn't test B12. On future tests it would be good to request B12, folate, ferritin and D. These vitamins are commonly low in hypothyroid patients and it's important to optimize their levels for proper uptake and conversion of thyroid hormone. Deficiencies in these vitamins also often cause symptoms associated with hypothyroidism yet not all doctors include them in tests.

Enjoy your sunny vacation! 😊


Thanks everyone for your advice, I am being checked re my vitamin D by the doctor have to re test after six weeks of high supplements. Then we will see what happens. Fed up of acky muscles and feeling tired, but gradually feeling better after each dose, feel I go two steps forward then one step back.


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