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alternative iron supplements to Iron Biglycinate


Hello there! I'm wondering how Britangerine's experiment with Liver went?

Was she able to get her ferritin iron to increase?

I started taking the desiccated liver pills from Solar. They are too big to swallow whole so i break them into four. Breaking them up means you taste the pill- but (for me) it's still better than eating liver. They are not tested for iron so they don't publish the iron content, but they are high in B12.

Did any one have good results from desiccated liver?

I have been taking Solar Gentle Iron (iron Bisglycinate) 50 MG. In six months my ferritin went from 16 to 33 Range (10-232). Saturation is now lower at 18% from 36%. So i am wondering did any one else have the same poor results?

I am trying Floravital now instead of the iron bisglycinate, but have noticed this only has 10MG ferrus glutinate per serving. You are supposed to take two servings a day. Is this enough for someone like me who obviously has absorption issues?

Does anyone recommend a particular type of iron and dosage ?

I also have been cooking all my food in an Iron skillet.

Thanks for reading my post. I am about to write one about adding T3 as well.

Incidentally, i have hashimotos, was on 75mg of levothyroxin and supplement with Vit D, K2 and Brazil nuts for selenium.

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An outside possibility that you might get something from this:

Thank you. Very informative.

I take Thorne Research Iron Bisglycinate and I started noticing a difference in my energy after about a week of taking it. I take it with a vitamin C supplement.

Thanks for your input. How many MG?

I was taking with orange juice, not vitamin c. I heard with vitamin c it increases absorption significantly.

It's only 25mg, but it's definitely been helping me. I took Solgar Gentle Iron for a few months but it didn't appear to be doing anything. In January, before I started supplementing my Ferritin level was 23 (13-150) and in May it was 43 (13-150). I started taking the Thorne Research Iron (one capsule a day) about six weeks before the bloodtest in May. I need to get tested again soon.

Thanks for responding. I have a colonoscopy come up 😱 I'm going to talk to the gastroenterologist about best iron.. I have to make a change!

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