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Taking iron to raise ferritin

Hello everyone.

I wondered if someone could advise.

My ferritin result:- 29.8 20-150

Dire, I know. Been taking 1 x Iron bisglycinate 20mg with 1 x Vit C 1000mg.

I don't eat liver but should give it a go (remember it as a child ) I know one should eat 200g max. once a week.

I'm wondering now if I'm taking enough & even then, taking it every other day as I believe is the latest news coming from Germany (shoot me down if I've not remembered correctly)

Many thanks in advance

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Hi Paula,

I am not a doctor of course but I had a ferritin of 6 in October 2016. I was put on ferrous fumarate, one tab twice a day, which had 106 mgs of elemental iron in each tab. I did not notice any stomach issues with this dose. I also ate spinach and clams mercilessly which are both high in iron. Finally I had a Mirena fitted in February 2017 and this stopped my monthly cycles, which were the cause of my iron deficiency (due to hypothyroidism I suppose).

My iron levels were normalized about 5 months after starting the supplements and three months after getting the Mirena. At last check my ferritin was 80.



Hello Rose

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I like spinach & will give the clams a go. Never had them. That's me off to Sainsbury's tomorrow & I'll be a big girl & get liver 😉

If your on 106 mg twice a day then that's really helpful to know & I can think about upping my dose.

And the prevailing theme for us all seems to be that we have to be patient for results.

I appreciate your help, thanks again.



Hi my ferritn level is 10 so very bad, i have tried 2 lots of doctors prescriptions and both gave me very bad cramping and bloating. Do i decided to take a lower dose of floravital as it is only 20 mgs like yours but you can double dose, i have started taking dosage abit higher this time, research now has suggested taking iron at lower doses as it is absorbed better than quick high doses. I also eat liver once a week and increased dark leafy vegs. Just hoping it rises, it has helped so far.xx


Thank you for your help.

I'll double dose & see how it goes plus of course try liver & also clams as suggested by Rose.

Thanks again xx

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Thats ok, its difficult especially if you are not keen on liver, i do get abit fed up with having it once a week, i find it is better brought loose from butchers section in supermarket-lambs liver is more tender and less bitter.xx good luck

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