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T3 supplier please??


Hello all.

A quick history to save wading through previous posts.

Suffered with depression and anxiety for many years, prescribed antidepressants to little effect.

Recent years - big weight gain, and absolutely zero energy...

Started suspecting thyroid issues.

Parents both had thyroid issues, father treated despite no symptoms, mother eventualy treated despite similar symptoms to me and a normal TSH!

So decided to have the full Blue Horizons thyroid test.

The Blue Horizons doctor added this comment - bear in mind I'm NOT on any meds apart from vitamin D (800u/day):

"The free T4 level is low. In the presence of a normal thyroid stimulating hormone level (TSH), and normal free T3 level it would not surprise me to learn you are taking liothyronine (T3) instead of levothyroxine - is this the case? If you are taking a form of thyroxine medication already, you may need to adjust your dose – a discussion with your usual doctor would be sensible. If not, I also suggest you make an appointment to see your doctor – at least surveillance of thyroid function would be wise, as it would seem in this scenario that an underactive thyroid gland might be developing."

I've been struggling for a long time with all of the usual hypothyroid symptoms. Weight gain, fatigue, depression, brain fog etc.

Endo said Central Hypothyroidism but brain scan showed nothing, at which point he gave up.

He eventually suggested T4, which I started taking last November.

So 8 weeks on 25mcg, 8 weeks on 50mcg and a few weeks on 100mcg.

Last blood test a few weeks back showed no change at all in T4 or T3.

T4 has dropped from 11 to 10, T3 is stuck on 4.

T4 has always been in the very bottom of the range, if not below it.

TSH is now stuck at 0.86.

All vitamins, ferratin etc are in range as a result of supplements.

I also seem to be feeling even worse the more T4 I take, the fatigue and depression is becoming life changing... I've never felt the T4 has had the slightest effect.

So GP has stopped T4 as it has had zero effect.

I gave the GP a copy of Paul Robinson’s recovering with T3, and the GP promised to speak to his endo friend.

Bad move, the endo said don’t try T3, ignore the book…

So the only thing left I want to try is T3, following the guidelines in the book, just to see if it has any effect

I know there's issues obtaining T3 in the UK, please, can anyone PM me a suitable supplier, one that's been used recently???

This really is the last roll of the dice…

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Sorry to hear your situation. Sorry I can’t answer your question either - I just wonder if you’ve tried a high enough dose of T4? It wouldn’t make you feel better unless the dose was high enough for you. Which brand did you take as a lot of people don’t seem to get on with Teva. Maybe a repeat test would be more helpful? T3 is difficult to get right, I’d exhaust all other options first if you can eg. Higher dose of Levo / NDT

Whatever you decide, hope you’re soon feel8ng better



All vitamins, ferratin etc are in range as a result of supplements.

But are they optimal? Being in range isn't enough. They need to be optimal before thyroid hormone can work, and there's no use starting T3 until they are optimal. Can you post your latest results.

Also, can you post your latest thyroid results, including the reference ranges.

Let's see where all your levels lie and we can take it from there.

I understand what you are saying. I too felt awful on T4 only for many years. However I am taking only T3 now. Despite being on a decent dose of only T3 I was still getting awful depression and mental health symptoms. I'm not saying here not to try T3; but I'm letting you know that High Dose Multi B vitamins allowed me to slowly decrease my sertraline anti-depressants which I had been on for decades. If I tried previously to slowly drop the sertraline, after about 2 weeks I would get an electric type shock through my brain and body. This time, having already started on the High Dose B vits it was easy. So - the high dose B vits, along with high dose Vit D3, high dose vit C, and high dose cod liver oil, have got rid of my mental health symptoms. By the way, the high street multi B vitamins didn't touch me; I now use Nature's Best High Dose which includes all eight.

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