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All results advice please - reposted


I haven't been feeling well for some years so I had some private bloods done. Could anyone please tell me what they mean

I am under monitoring by my doctor for the following:

Iron deficiency anaemia diagnosed in 2013, monitored every 2 months, iron infusion done in mid 2016 but anaemia returned in Feb 2017 and was on 1 iron tablet for this. Now getting 2nd iron infusion next week.

Folate anaemia diagnosed in 2017, taking 5mg folic acid

Vitamin D deficiency diagnosed in late 2013, monitored every 6 months, taking 800iu D3 but I increased to 3000iu in March 2014 on advice of a friend. Level still not improving that much after 4 years


TOTAL THYROXINE 82 (59 - 154)

FREE THYROXINE 12.9 (12.0 - 22.0)


FREE T3 4.0 (3.1 - 6.8)



FERRITIN 21 (30 - 400)

FOLATE 2.2 (2.5 - 19.5)

VITAMIN B12 236 (190 - 900)

DEC 2017

VITAMIN D TOTAL 55.1 (< 25 severe, 25 - 50 deficiency, 50 - 75 suboptimal, > 75 adequate)

List of symptoms:


Dry skin



Pins and needles


Muscle cramps and twitches

Weight gain

Heavy periods though this one is scanty - almost as if I've run out of blood?


Pains in ribs and joints

Thank you

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You have an underactive thyroid (due to Hashimoto's) and are low in Vitamin D, B12, folate and ferritin.

Your GP is unlikely to do anything about your B12 (but do mention it), in which case I would supplement both 1000mcg sublingual methylcobalamin and methylfolate daily. You may be "in range" but often NHS ranges are too vast, probably for cost-cutting purposes.

Ask for prescription-dose Vitamin D3 from your GP as 3000iu isn't increasing your levels sufficiently, and I believe taking Vitamin K2 is recommended with higher doses.

Sounds like they're doing something about your ferritin.



There isn't really much you can do regarding your supplements. Your iron deficiency anaemia and folate anaemia are being taken care of. You have increased your Vit D dose to a more sensible amount but you could take it up to 5000iu daily and make sure you take magnesium as it helps the body to use D3 and also take Vit K2-MK7 as that will direct the extra uptake of calcium to bones and teeth rather than arteries and soft tissues.

You could check to see if you have any signs of B12 deficiency here and if you do then you would need further testing Be aware that taking folic acid can mask signs of B12 deficiency.

Your raised antibodies confirm Hashi's and this is why you have your nutrient deficiencies as Hashi's causes gut/absorption problems. This was explained to you by SlowDragon in reply to your original post here

You should check out the links she gave you and follow her advice. Sort out the gut problem and nutrients will be absorbed, then thyroid hormone can work.

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