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Looking for help with Hashimotos

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Hi everyone I am 23 years old and female, this is my first post. I am looking for help to treat my Hashimotos. There is no family history of it except my mum has underactive thyroid and there is a family history of diabetes and heart problems too.

I had an ultrasound done a month ago, I was told the thyroid was enlarged.

So my symptoms are



Sighing a lot

Heavy periods

Loss of appetite


Joint pain

Dry skin

Weight gain

Puffy eyes and ankles


The bloods I have posted below are private. Is it too much to ask for Levothyroxine?

Thank you!

JUNE 2018

TOTAL THYROXINE 82 (59 - 154)

FREE THYROXINE 13.3 (12 - 22)

FREE T3 4.1 (3.1 - 6.8)




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Thank you!

My mum and nan have diabetes

Nan has heart problems as did my grandad. Nan takes statins, grandad was on warfarin a blood thinner

I will ask for a trial of Levothyroxine because I am finding it hard to do my job at present

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Kes8 in reply to Ella886

Does you Mum and Nan have type 1 diabetes which is autoimmune or type 2 which isn't?

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Ella886 in reply to Kes8

Type 1

Thank you!

My nan is not really all that happy with her GP. I will suggest to her to get checked for Hashimotos. My mum is meant to be on Levothyroxine but thinks she doesn't need it. Grandad unfortunately passed away 3 years ago, he has a history of stroke and high blood pressure and he died from an embolism in hospital.

Hi again, my mum has a terminal illness and I think she is finding it hard to cope. Also my stepdad doesn't really help her health wise, he has health problems himself which aren't very well managed.

Seconding to please lay it on thick with the doctor. First doc who looked at my thyroid results wouldn't even speak to me about them but throwing all my toys out of the pram on the phone got a second doc to look at me properly and prescribe a trial dose yesterday.

I hated doing it but it definitely worked, so try and make a fuss. You're worth it and this is their job. Your T4 is much lower than mine too so you def need some levo.

So sorry to hear about your mum.


Thanks :) xx

I will do this tomorrow


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