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HELP! Hairloss despite normal thyroid/vitamin levels

Ever since I started taking levothyroxin in Feb 2017, post ROI treatment for hyperthyroidism, I have had hairloss issues although my hair was perfectly fine before.

At first it seemed like just an intense bought of acute TE due to starting the medication and sudden hormone level changes. After loosing practically half my hair, it leveled out after 5 months and there was lots of new thick baby growth.

A few months later (Oct 2017) the hair started coming out again and has consistently been falling out daily since. It has thinned out so much overall, especially at the temples and back of my head.

Most recently I have been on an 85 dose of levothyroxin and 12 dose of daily T3. I also take supplements including iron, vitD, biotin, vitB...

I have tested everything and everything seems normal so I don't know where the problem is! Here are my most recent results:

Free T3 3.65 (1.7 - 4.2)

Free T4 1.39 (0.82 - 1.44)

TSH 0.115 (0.55 - 4.78)

Vit B12 625 (187 - 883)

Zinc 104. (50-120)

Ferritin 80 (4-204)

VitD 40.7 (30-100)

I have read that sometimes it's the actual levothyroxin that causes the hair loss - could that be true after this many months? Even if I am taking T3??

Any advice is very much appreciated!

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Hi Bobsy1, I have the same experience with patchy hair loss on legs, arms, eyebrows. I’ve been taking thyroxin since 2015. I’m no expert but your ferritin and vit D look low, although within range. What quantity vit d do you take? 🌞


I'm actually not experiencing hairloss anywhere else. And it's not patchy on my head either. It's overall thinning but really bad.

I believe I take 2000 daily of VitD - I would need to double check. I was also taking a multivitamin that includes iron and vitB, but I just swapped to iron and VitB12 pills so that I can increase the dose of each.

Would slightly low levels cause this much hair to fall? Have you heard of the levo being the cause?


See if you can get sex hormones tested - both men and women can suffer from male pattern baldness caused by aromatization of testosterone to DHT.

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I do my blood test with a private lab, any idea what other tests I should get exactly?

I've already tested testosterone, estradiol and DHEA and they were all on the lower side of their ranges.


Do you live in France ?


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