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Wonder if someone could have a look and help with raising T4 and T3 please

TSH 0.12 (0.3-4.5)

T3 3 (2.5-6.5)

T4 12 no range listed

I’m within range on all test, but dr says that I need to supplement b12, vitamin d, iron as not really high enough

Endo has agreed to up meds from 125mg a day to alternate 125mg and 150mg as still getting symptoms

Going back in 3 months for a review he did talk about a different type of medication but didn’t seem keen so reluctantly agreed to up meds

Thank you for reading x

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Your FT3 certainly is very low. Not surprising you still have symptoms! But, your really do need a range for that FT4, otherwise we cannot see how well you are converting.

12 on most FT4 ranges would be pretty low. But that's a stupidly small increase your endo has given you, and hardly likely to help if your FT4 is very low.

How do you take your levo? On an empty stomach, leaving at least one hour before eating or drinking? Do you take any other supplements or medication at the same time?

sarah2237 in reply to greygoose

Thank you for the quick response

I take my meds 1st thing in morning with water and supplements 4hrs later

Unfortunately there is no ranges on the letter from the endocrinologist. Will see if I can find an old letter may be on there

greygoose in reply to sarah2237

Unless you know for sure that the analysis was done in the same lab, and they haven't changed their ranges since, the range on an old letter won't be much good. Could you not ring the endo and ask?

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