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Looking for a chart for recommended levels for blood tests

Looking for a chart for recommended levels for blood tests

I am looking for a chart that states where my vitamin d and other levels should be if I am hypothyroid (Hashimotos), docs keep telling me they are normal but I know that you knowledgable people on here know better.

I have just had an increase of T3 (Liothyronine), OK a trial increase, to 10mcg twice a day because my TSH had gone over range, I take 100mcg of T4 (Levo) and was previously taking 10mcg once a day. I had been very unwell in October last year where my liver inflammation went sky high and I had a 10day stay in hospital, I eventually had my gallbladder removed and things have settled again with my liver. I then went on to have a hysterectomy (for suspected Adenomyosis) less than a month after surgery for my gallbladder so the doctors think it has thrown my levels out of balance.

I requested if I could have my VitD etc. checked to see if they are out of kilter too, I was wondering if anyone can give me an idea of where I can find some kind of chart for the optimal levels for VitD etc. that would be great.

I have included my latest results here as a photo (hopefully) for any feedback you'd be kind enough to give me. Many thanks.

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This is not specifically for us Hypos, but for everyone. Check out the articles here

If you see a level measured in ng/ml then multiply it by 2.5 to give nmol/L which is what is generally used in the UK.

I can't read your results, I'm on my tablet and they're too small and feint.


Vit D Council has some articles that might help too, all seems to be in ng/ml


This might be of interest


Vitamin D at 54 is too low, are you supplementing at all? Aiming to increase to around 100nmol

Also might consider supplementing a good vitamin B complex

After two general anaesthetics your B12 may be lower than normal for you. Anything under 500 is probably too low






Should all be at least halfway in their ranges for the conversion of T4 into T3 to occur


Please bear in mind that everyone is individual - and what is the right level for the mythical person - even for the mythical individual with a specific condition - doesn't necessarily mean it is the right level for you - this is truer of some vitamins than others.

I'd really recommend thinking about whether you have symptoms of deficiency before you start supplementing - particularly supplementing with high doses - you can overdose on a lot of vitamins and minerals - and even where there isn't any toxicity associated with the vitamin there may be undesirable consequences to having too much.

Please follow up with your GP on the creatinine and urea levels - they may be indicative of some kidney problems.


Thanks all, I've got a doctors appointment tomorrow so I just wanted to get an idea of levels and I realise everyone is different. I do have incredibly dry skin and joint pain but they can be very generic symptoms.

I did wonder about the urea etc levels but the note says no action. I do have to wee a lot and get up a couple of times a night so it might be worth mentioning I suppose.


raised creatinine and raised MMA together would indicate a B12 deficiency - but usually the levels are raised significantly, rather than being borderline which is the case above.

Good luck talking to the doctor


Thanks everyone, GP says don't supplement as all levels are fine. They even said my vitD levels are very good and they don't see many people with levels that high! I didn't fight my corner as I took your comment on board Gambit62 regarding toxicity and different people having different levels. GP said urea & creatinine weren't anything to worry about either so I will muddle on as usual. Thanks for the input all.


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