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Help with interpretation of Medicheck results


Hi, although I have continuing problems diagnosed with bile acid malabsorption wondering if this caused pre cancerous polyps in bowel, continuing weight problem and stiff hips. I have been feeling a bit better lately would appreciate any help interpreting my latest results. It’s only since I have joined this group I’ve had the courage to go it alone. The report that came with the results suggested cpr indicated future risk of cardiovascular disease I am overweight and my TSH is too low long term would cause osteoporosis TSH was over 5 originally. I take 250mg of AdrenaviveII and 60mg of Metavive II + vitamins.

TSH 0.016 miu/l (0.27-4.20)

Free Thyroxine 11.4 pmoI/l (12.00-22.00)

T4 69 neologism/l (59.00-154.00)

Free T3 5.28 pmo1/l (3.10-6.80)

Thyroglobulin antibody 13.300 IU/ml (0.00-115.00)

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies 9.07 IU/ml (0.00-34.00)

Active B12 197pmo1/l (25.10-165.00)

Folate serum 11.22 ug/l (2.91-50.00)

25OH Vit D 72.8 nmo1/l 50.00-200.00

CRP - High sensitivity 4.93mg/1 (0.00-5.00)

Ferritin 53.9 ug/l (13.00-150.00)

Iodine serum 65ug/1 (40-80)

Thank you.

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Are you taking any thyroid medication? If so what?

Hi Silverfox, Yes I take a glandular porcine thyroid gland 30mg at breakfast and 30mg at lunch along with a bovine adrenal cortex same timing 125mg each time. This was recommended by Dr P. as mentioned apart from my other problems I have been feeling a bit better was hoping this would also help with my weight but not so far.

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