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NDT and results

Afternoon everyone.

I am currently taking two grains a day of NDT (thyroid S) and have Hashimotos. I’m self medicating as my endo saw fit to keep me on carbimazole with a TSH of 36 and thyroid ultrasound and antibodies confirming a Hashi diagnosis.

I am supplementing Vit D, K2, Iron, Folate and Magnesium as I am low in range on all levels.

I have now had my latest results and my TSH is low (not worrying due to everything I have read on here - thank you) and my FT3 is 5.53 (range 3.1-6.8). My T4 and FT4 are showing as under range. Am I right in thinking that I should be increasing my dose of NDT slightly to pull my T4 and FT4 up in to range (currently 63.8 range 66-181 and 11.8 range 12-23).

Whilst I’m feeling better than I did, I’m still suffering with mood swings, very dry skin, weak nails and generally tired.

Or alternatively should I be concentrating on upping my supplements to high in range or doing both?

Would really appreciate your thoughts....

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Should add my TPOAB is now in range and my TGAB has decreased as follows in the last year -669, 468, 403 (range 0-115) to 314 now so I am pleased that I appear to be making some progress!

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You certainly could increase your Thyroid S a little, but not on account of the T4. That doesn't matter. But because your FT3 has room for improvement if you're still having symptoms. The FT4 will be low when taking NDT or T3. It's nothing to worry about.

At the same time, it would be a good idea to improve your nutrient levels. :)


Thanks greygoose! Feel like everything’s going in the right direction- hair has stopped falling out, stopped putting weight on, eyes don’t stream every time I go outside and the back pain that has plagued me for nearly 20 years is all but gone!

The things that I am left with right now are the things that I would most like gone ‘though! I’ll try increasing the Thyroid S and plough on with the supplements. Hopefully when they are optimal and my T3 is up a bit I’ll get there!

Thank you for your reply - you’re always a massive help!!

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You're very welcome. :)


Hi sorry to but in how are you getting on with thyroid s is this the one in the glass bottle red white and green label. I have been on this myself and also Erfa with the thryroid s on two grains I would get awful cramps in the legs I went up to 21/4 and sometimes a 1/2 this gave me a temp of 36.8. However i went to a private doctor and was put on Erfa and I don't do as well on it. I llost confidence thinking does this really work and fell under the label game. And Erfa is expensive.

so I would be interested in how you get on if that's ok.




I’m getting on fine with it. Not sure my dosage is 100% yet as above but I have seen most of my symptoms reduce dramatically with luckily no side effects. I haven’t taken Erfa or any other meds other than supplements so can’t really compare. I do occasionally get RLS but it was 100 times worse before I started taking the Thyroid S and supplementing. I do take Iron and magnesium - anaemia and magnesium deficiencies have been linked to RLS so am not sure if this is what helped me. Apparently they could play a part in leg cramps too - do you know what your levels were like when you were suffering?


Taking the same and in my third year now. I would up it by a quarter for awhile then retest.


You could increase by a quarter for 6 weeks and then increase again by one quarter, your FT3 should then reach the top of the range.

When I was on thyroid s 3 grains per day my FT3 was over the top range now that I have reduced to 2.5 per day my FT3 is just at the top of the range and I am feeling better.

It is different for everyone but you are doing well.


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