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Morning all. Could I ask for a little help with what my next steps and dosing should look like given my latest results? In terms of symptom mainly up and down mood wise and VERY dry skin and whilst I’m not feeling great, am otherwise generally okay. Have a Hashimoto’s diagnosis.

B12 99.9 range 25.1- 165

Ferritin 13.5 range 13 - 150

Folate 21.6 range 8.83-60.8

Vit D 86 range 50-200

TSH 0.054 range 0.27-4.3

Free T4 11.8 range 12-23

TPOAB 23.3 range 0-34

FT3 5.53 range 3.1-6.8

T4 63.8 range 66-181

TGAB 314 range 0-115

Am taking 2 grains of NDT (Thyroid-S), VIT D, Folate, VIT K, Iron and Magnesium

Thank you!

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Does anyone have any thoughts?

The preamble in the report says I’m hyper based on my TSH but I know that when taking NDT this can skew the results.

Also I’m guessing that I need to push on with my supplements as whilst I’m in range I’m pretty much bottom and these could be something to do with with my not feeling great.



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