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Is this right?

Finally got my Endo to test my bloods and have these results come through the post today, what can you tell me about them? Do I need NDT? And or do I have adrenal problems? They have brought my consultant date forward so dont know if that means anything!

Grateful for any help :)

TSH 7.2 Range (0.4 - 5.0)

Free T4 13 Range (9 - 19)

Free T3 2.9 Range (2.6 - 5.7)

Cortisol 553nmol/L (doesn't give me the reference range?!)

Only reason I managed to get my consultant to do these tests is that he is a new Endo as my old one is not at the hospital any more.

I am supplementing with B12 spray, B Complex and Magnesium Oxide among 175mcg Levo.


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Hi there

It shows you are undermedicated so will need an increase in meds and retested 6-8 weeks later.

What time of day did you take the blood test?

You should also get Vit B12, folate, Vit D and iron/ferritin tested :-)


Hi Saggyuk :)

I had the blood test done at 8.15 am and my B12 was tested and results were :

371 Ranges (160 - 800) started taking BetterYou B12 spray and it shot up to 883! Did have some a couple of others done (despite asking he refused to do the rest):

Folate 4.5 Ranges (4.80 -19.00)

Vit D 62 Range (>50nmol/L = Sufficient)



Okay so B12 better now and the spray clearly doing it's thing, You are folate deficient - do you eat lots of veggies and fruit etc?

Other wise get some methylfolate or maybe good B complex although SeasideSusie is the best one to ask as i'm rubbish at remembering numbers and how much to take and how long for etc.

Vit D could be higher to be optimal.

did you get ferritin tested or blood count?

Cortisol at that time of morning could do with being lower but is not indicative of horrible adrenals diseases as such. There are simple things you can do to lower cortisol so just have google at adrenal fatigue. To be honest though, it's been demonstrated that a tsh over 2.5 will cause higher cortisol levels anyway so might resolve when thyroid levels resolved.

You are on quite a high dose though which doesn't seem to be doing it's thing, I used to have to take more until I went GF which resolved many of my problems - it caused me absorption and resistance issues. You do need an increase though.

Many here pay to get their own tests done so just ask if you want to know where :-)


I dont eat as much fruit and vegetables as I should but I do have them daily - am on a B Complex too.

Think I was tested for my vitamin D in winter so probably that could be the reason why it is lower!

I think the ferritin was in with my blood count? This is just so confusing?!

As I am under a new consultant I shall mention these things as this builds a case in what I have been trying to achieve. They have brought my appointment forward to 1st March.

But do you think I will need NDT? And if so, where can I get it? Am aware of the Blue Horizon blood tests too ;)

Thanks in advance!

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Hiya - a blood count looks like this:


Have a google of foods high in folate and try and add more to your diet.

It's impossible to say whether you would need NDT until you were at the right dose as it is only then that you can see if you have conversion issues. Most people want NDT or T3 if they have issues with converting T4 into T3 which would be shown with high T4 levels and low T3 levels. It's not easy to see this when you have high tsh and low t4 levels as the low t3 is simply begin caused by not enough thyroid hormone in the first place.

Some people want to try NDT because the hormones are taken from pigs thyroids and therefore the real thing rather than laboratory made hormones - but this is personal preference :-)

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You are very undermedicated considering how much Levo you are taking. Do you have an absorption problem? Have you had antibodies tested - Hashimoto's?

Do you take your magnesium at least 4 hours away from Levo?

Are you taking magnesium oxide in tablet form or spray/gel? If tablet form then it is the least absorbable form of magnesium and you might want to consider a different form


Oh dear I had a feeling I was undermedicated - is it to do with the T3? Can you explain what this means? I forgot to mention that I have Hashi's so could that be to do with it?

Am taking a Magnesium tablet, I have it in the evening after my meal and the Levo first thing in the morning on an empty stomach so yes more than 4hrs apart. I felt great when I first started taking it but now I'm not so sure. Thanks for the link, shall purchase this in future, as I do suffer with flare ups pain wise, hips especially :(

Thanks for all your help SeasideSusie isnt it funny how you think you get a handle on this and then it all changes again! ;)



The undermedication is showing in all your results

TSH 7.2 Range (0.4 - 5.0) - should be nearer the bottom of range

Free T4 13 Range (9 - 19) - should be nearer the top of range, around 16+ with that range

Free T3 2.9 Range (2.6 - 5.7) - should be nearer the top of the range and in balance with FT4, around 4.9+ with that range

The aim of a treated hypo patient generally is for TSH to be 1 or below or wherever it is needed for FT4 and FT3 to be in the upper part of their respective reference ranges if that is where you feel well.

The first step normally is to increase your Levo and get your TSH down near the bottom of range. That will increase FT4 and we can then whether your FT3 has increased as well. If FT4 gets to the upper part of it's range but FT3 stays low then we know that you don't convert T4 to T3 very well and then you can consider adding T3 or changing to NDT.

BUT considering that you take 175mcg Levo your results are really not in keeping with that amount, one would at least expect to see your TSH in range. So, you don't seem to be absorbing your Levo. Have you tried different brands of Levo and do your results show that you have better results on one brand?

And I see that you have Hashimoto's and this causes gut/absorption problems.

What are your latest vitamin and mineral results, what are you supplementing with and the doses? We can see if your are absorbing those well enough. If not then you may have to address absorption problems and maybe leaky gut.

As you have Hashi's, are you strictly gluten free and supplementing with selenium L-selenomethionine 200mcg daily.

The link I gave about magnesium wasn't for a particular one or brand, it was a list of the different types of magnesium and what they are meant to help so that you could see which one is right for you.


Is it an oral magnesium spray/gel or one you put on your muscles? As where I get the pain I cannot apply it as it is my ball and socket joints of my hips?


Thank you all for your advice/replies - as always its invaluable!

I am not sure I will be able to become GF as it would be so difficult for me, I do understand you have to do it all the way and because of my health diabetes and such as well as who I live with it would sadly be near impossible for me to achieve.

But I have actually purchased some magnesium oil that you administer on your skin after reading up your information SeasideSusie.... Have only been using it a day and a bit and its wonderful! Can highly recommend it! :D

All this information I shall be taking to my Endo in March as well so once again thank you for all your help.


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