Is this not a bit drastic?

Hi All,

Has anyone on here been sent for a Gastroscopy AND a Colonoscopy because they are low in iron? Seems a bit OTT to me seeing as my GP ignored my blood results for well over a year. The only reason these tests have come about is because my endo wanted me referred to a gastroenterologist which I agreed too thinking that I would see the consultant and then have coeliac tests done but to my surprise these test have been ordered before I have even had chance to see the consultant, talk through my concerns or advise her of my medical history which I find totally unbelievable (or is it just me over reacting) as they are both very intrusive tests and not to be taken lightly. I also have question regarding the large ovarian cyst still in my stomach and the possibility of these tests causing problems as far as this is concerned.

Moggie x

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I wouldn't have them done before speaking with a Gastro. I have ulcerative colitis and have a colonoscopy every few years and I certainly wouldn't recommend it if you don't have to have one ! same with gastroscopy, it's an unpleasant way to spend a few hours so only do it if you really must.

I wouldn't worry about the cyst, I have had one for years and it never causes a problem with or after the oscopy.

What are they doing about your ovarian cyst ? I have a history of them and had to have an ovary removed some years ago because of cysts. I'm going for another scan this week but the Consultant says she can't operate because of past surgery, I'm not happy about this as I want it gone. They have been watching and waiting for the last 6 years which is too long for my liking.

To cut a very long story short I cant have the ovary and cyst removed yet due to heart issues caused by thyroid medication - catch 22 comes to mind - and this was why I was referred, by my anaesthetist, to an endo in the first place. He has been very good and sent me for every test under the sun and my heart issues are a lot better, which does mean that my op for the removal of the cyst and ovary can go ahead soon, but these latest tests are a step to far in my book, especially as they are being done for iron deficiency. I did have a camera put down my throat years ago and still remember how unpleasant it was.

Good to know that nether of these test could burst the cyst - thanks.

Moggie x

Ovarian cysts can be a symptom of hypothyroidism.

This is an excerpt about a young Japanese woman with multiple ovarian cysts.I cannot post link as it is archived:-

Multiple Ovarian Cysts as

a Major Symptom of Hypothyroidism

The case I describe below is of importance to women with polycystic ovaries. If they have evidence, such as a high TSH, that conventional clinicians accept as evidence of hypothyroidism, they may fair well. But the TSH is not a valid gauge of a woman's tissue thyroid status. Because of this, she may fair best by adopting self-directed care. At any rate, for women with ovarian cysts, this case is one of extreme importance.

In 2008, doctors at the gynecology department in Gunma, Japan reported the case of a 21-year-old women with primary hypothyroidism. Her doctor referred her to the gynecology department because she had abdominal pain and her abdomen was distended up to the level of her navel.

At the gynecology clinic she underwent an abdominal ultrasound and CT scan. These imaging procedures showed multiple cysts on both her right and her left ovary.

The woman's cholesterol level and liver function were increased. She also had a high level of the muscle enzyme (creatine phosphokinase) that's often high in hypothyroidism.

Blood testing also showed that the woman had primary hypothyroidism from autoimmune thyroiditis.

It is noteworthy that the young woman's ovarian cysts completely disappeared soon after she began thyroid hormone therapy. Other researchers have reported girls with

primary hypothyroidism whose main health problems were ovarian cysts or precocious puberty. But this appears to be the first case in which a young adult female had ovarian cysts that resulted from autoimmune-induced hypothyroidism.

The researchers cautioned clinicians: "To avoid inadvertent surgery to remove an ovarian tumor, it is essential that a patient with multiple ovarian cysts and hypothyroidism be properly managed, as the simple replacement of a thyroid hormone could resolve the ovarian cysts."[1]

Thanks Shaws - I did see this article when I was doing my research and even asked the consultant about thyroid connections but - yes you've guessed it - she looked at me as though I was mad and dismissed it.

Moggie x

Yes I have seen that article before. Problem is there are different kinds of cysts, pcos with multiple cysts is hormonal so may well improve but the cysts I get aren't that sort. The initial large cyst ( size of a rugby ball ) appeared when I was in my early teens, I had Graves then. I have had many since then but safe to say they are nothing to do with thyroid probs, I wish it were that simple.

Moggie I also have heart probs due to thyroid meds and that is another reason why she doesn't want to operate. I hope you get sorted soon.

Thank you and the same back to you.

Moggie x

p.s. Cyst aside I still think it's a bit of an over reaction because for low iron!!!!

Don't know if this is of any help but the consultant you would see in out patients maybe the one doing the test ,or someone in is team,and a nurse takes you medical history when they book you in.if you tell her you wish to speak to the consultant first ,or he may see you without asking,as sometimes they are there to see you before the test Ihave a Endoscopy every 2 years and only see the consultant if there is a problem with the test,It maybe that the endo as given him the info that he needs ,and he may have had a look at your medical records,all the best xx.Lizzy

Thanks Lizzy - I have now put the tests on hold until I have seen the consultant as I think they are totally unnecessary - my GP first ignored my blood tests that where telling her (and me) low iron, then when the endo told her to give it to me she didn't inform me that I had to take it with VitC for it to absorb properly. So two months down the line my Ferritin levels hadn't moved hardly at all hence the endo thinking there was something wrong with my gut. Now I take it with VitC my levels have improved quite a bit.

Moggie x

My mum had iron deficiency (she took Ferrograd C i think vitamin c is included in these tablets) lizzyxx

Thanks Lizzy,

I take a high strength one given to me by the GP and it has still taken me 5 months or more to get my ferritin levels up to 37, so a way to go yet.

Moggie x

Hi I had a hug cyst removed from my fallopian tube/ovary 12 years ago and yes I have also had the up and under camera combo and been misdiagnosed 20 years ago with IBS. They all seem linked to me.

I say go for the tests, get what you can as you never know. It wasn't too bad a procedure really.

Your brave!!!!!

Thanks for the input.

Moggie x

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