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Hashi's Flare Up? Under medicated ?

Diagnosed Hypo in 1981, Dr P told me in 1995 I couldn't convert T4 to T3 so since then have only taken T3. A long and tortuous journey, discovered Hashimoto's in January 2017 via private blood test... thyroglobulin raised. Since August 2017 have been desperately trying to get my vitamins, minerals, amino acid(s) sorted, now gut biome. Over last 2 days have been drinking bone broth, writing food/drink diary, gearing up to make my own kefir with the help of Poppy_the_cat. I weaned myself off T3 (liothyronine) from Sept. 2017 as I had consulted a homeopath who said he could make a clone of T3 from one tablet. I took his whilst weaning myself off real T3Liothyronine. I couldn't breathe in summer 2017 (tests showed nothing wrong) from stress & anxiety of potentially having T3 taken from me. But homeopath's cloned T3 obviously didn't work. So over the last 10 days I have taken 45mcg of T3 only.

I have just got home from being in town for less than one hour. I freaked out in the car park behind a shop; but managed to stop and apologise to the woman who I had freaked out at. Turned out she was a GP. I blurted out my 36 years of hell over 3 minutes, her eyes rolled, she couldn't confirm that she knew what Hashimoto's Thyroiditis is. I have raced home and collapsed in tears and rage.

I am truly sick and tired of feeling this way. I can comprehend that I have PTSD (in fact there is Complex PTSD from more than one abuse incident which I certainly have lived through).

How long will it take for 45mcg of T3 to kick in please? Is this a form of Myxoedema Madness?

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The idea that a homeopath can "clone" T3 is likely extremely fanciful.

They have advised stopping an essential daily hormone and replacing in with nothing.

Very likely to have low vitamin levels after stopping T3


Yes I agree SlowDragon in hindsight it was stupid of me. But all that reading over the spring & summer 2017 of T3 being whipped away, made me so ill.

Is it only me who gets severe mental health symptoms when I'm under medicated? How long do you think it will take for 45mcg of T3 a day to kick in? I won't get angry - absolutely promise. !


Poor Marigold, don't blame yourself for this happening ~ it was NOT stupid of you at all, you were just trying, in desperation, to solve the problem of the ridiculous T3 snatch! Just like everyone else on here, trying to get yourself well, when really, all the so called specialists and useless GPs you have seen, have ALL let you down! THEY are the ones to blame! Even the one in the car park didn't know anything! Lol! Perhaps we should all freak out more often ~ they haven't got the beds for all of us! Lol!

I also remember that post and as I recall, you were giving really good advice, based on your experience, as were many others, so obviously you are not the only one who suffers like this when their brain is starved of essential T3 ~ some may have never found the answer, at least you know, through your own extensive investigations, where the problem lies.

I expect your body and brain is going through a period of readjustment now, and will settle down when vits and hormones are established at their optimal levels. In the meantime, try and steer clear of stress inducing situations ~ although if your life is anything like mine, (and I think it is) that's easier said than done! Try not to worry too much ~ I'll PM you later. ((Hugs)) Mamapea xx

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45mcg T3 will have started working after about 3 days but it will take up to six weeks to rebuild FT3 level and metabolise. You should have a thyroid test 6-8 weeks after resuming 45mcg to check FT3 level.

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I've just found this post by Susan1233711 from about 2 months ago. The massive number of replies shows that Myxoedema Madness is still absolutely rife. I truly think now that I have never been on a large enough dose of T3 in 36 years. 20 or 30 mcg a day (with no T4), on 40mcg a day doctors & endos constantly trying to reduce it down to 20 or 25 mcg a day.


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