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Am I over or under medicated?

I have been adding T3 to Levo for the last 4 months + am currently taking 50 Levo and 25 T3. Blood test about 1 month ago showed T4 at the lower end of the range and T3 just above mid range.

I was feeling mostly Ok but over the last 10 days or so felt increasing lethargy and some return of brain fog. Temp taken first thing is lower, around 36, suggesting under medicated but pulse rate is a bit higher than normal, around 80. Not sure whether to increase, decrease or wait and see. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thx

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Hi there

It sounds like you are under-medicated but racing heart or anxious 'hyper' like symptoms can be due to adrenal problems ( the addition of T3 will highlight any adrenal issues previously going under the radar) and low iron and as well as low vits and minerals. Most of us feel happy with a T4 in the upper quartile of the range and T3 at the top or just over the range. Your temp does suggest hypo. But you might find you can't raise the T3 until you sort out any underlying issues. Some of us find synthetic T3 a bit harsh on the system and do better on bioidentical hormones (Armour etc) - I'm in that camp but I couldn't get my dose up of synthetic or natural until I'd sorted cortisol and iron levels.


tpauk.com/main/?page_id=1599 for why your thyroid hormones might not be working

stopthethyroidmadness.com/d... on how to get your 'ducks in a row'.

Best wishes




Thx - that is really helpful. I will check the links. Jx


Hi You are doing the right thing about bloods. levels can change quickly but unusual.When I was made very hyper, by a private hospital, he did not believe in bloods, I had exactly the same symptoms as when Hypo, this can happen. It made me very ill.

If you have only been on treatment 4 months, your body could still be adjusting. personally I would cut back to 20mcg of T3, then repeat test 4 weeks later.TSH, T4 and Free T3. it is safer for thyroid to be undermedicated ( although not nice) than to be over

Best wishes,



Thanx Jackie - it is certainly confusing! Jx


Hi Why a really good Endo is vital, gP`s think common , so easy. Not so.



Please can you tell me what wonderful doctor you had that looked symtoms not there rediclious T4 n tsh only! Also low cortisol and B12 n iron zinc showing low. I'd live find a doctor looks at whole picture


Hi My really good Endo does, after I saw a private doc for 2 years, made very ill and nothing else thought of, let alone tested. When I saw my Endo she found so many things wrong, influencing my thyroid, well know things now, or should be.She does of course like bloods, for safety,as a guide but says how the patient feels the most important thing.

If you do want more details send me a PM, click on my name, ( here) and I will reply later today.



I'm on virtually the same dose and exactly the same thing is happening to me - even same pulse rate and temp! - so this question and Rebecca's answer have been very helpful. :-)


I have ordered the 24 hr cortisol test as mentioned on the links - I will let you know how I get on. Good luck. Jx


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